• Fanfiction: I Remember Red

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: The 24th Pegasus

    Description: It has been years since the Mayor's rainbow generator overloaded and drained Hope Hollow of its color. Kerfuffle did her best to stay happy and inspired despite the new gray world she found herself in, but even she has her limits. It's hard to make art in a world of gray, and now Kerfuffle's inspiration has finally left her. Struggling to get by and remain upbeat in a hopeless and friendless town, the pegasus soon finds herself feeling as gray and empty as the world she lives in. But perhaps a close encounter with death will show her that maybe there are still ponies in Hope Hollow who care, and maybe she's not as hopeless and empty on the inside as she feels...

    I Remember Red

    Additional Tags: Inspiration Can Come From Unexpected Places