• Equestria Girls: Stressed in Show Follow Up

    Since I decided to start the school play “choose your own ending” shorts last week, I guess I can keep it going until the final curtain call. This next part we’re choosing will be how Sci Twi can take a breath and relax while worrying about the show. Yeah I know, they put Twilighting in the EqG world. But it’s something that made us watch this cute purple horse crash into a nervous breakdown that got us some memorable moments. Maybe it’ll be the same way here, too. Maybe not beat out “Lesson Zero” Twilight, but still something close. Let’s see who can help our Purple Smart with her stress the best.
    (Editor’s note: as a hint who might be the options in the short, the title cards always have random things related to the characters on it.)

    I do like the idea of Sunset going from generic bully to being involved with so many school events. Whether it’s directing the school play, taking pictures as head of the yearbook, or showing three evil soul sucking sirens around the school. She is a girl purely made of school spirit.

    So regardless of Sunset being the director of the play, it seems Twilight has taken on more duties for herself like helping Flash Sentry run lines (non-canonically), help Applejack build the stage, or just trying to cram everything into one day. Prime example of the overworked and overwhelmed Twilighting victim.

    RD: “I thinks she’s broken.”
    Rainbow Dash is lucky she doesn’t get demoted to usher with her bad mouthing Sunset’s waifu. Especially when said waifu is going into nervous breakdown territory. Stress like that can actually cause bigger health issues in young adults. Might not be the time for jamming your two cents in here Dashie.

    Yeah we know Pinkie was nowhere in the scene to just pop out of nowhere like this. Yeah we know we related to Fluttershy’s reaction in this same way. And yeah we probably won’t know what Pinkie was doing back there the whole time while they were rehearsing on stage. It’s Pinkie Pie. Don’t question it.
    But it looks like we have our three options to choose for. So let’s go step by step in ways of relaxing with socially introvert, extrovert jock, and dimension jumper.

    Fluttershy Option

    So of course we can use what we did in the Friendship Games as a way to calm Purple Smart down a bit. Surround her with fuzzy animals. Except maybe not the skunks. Don’t think smelling bad can get rid of stress. Not the best aromatherapy in nature. I do like that this scene also came with its own heavenly harp music. Or maybe a harp player is hiding in these bushes somewhere.

    Fluttershy: “Be as cute as you can possibly be.”
    Oh we’re even using the exact same animal that melted the mad scientist’s heart. But it’s not like we haven’t seen Angel Bunny being adorable before (when he’s not being a brat). I don’t know if we can expect anything big out of this moment.


    So after field goal throwing the bunny into the bushes, Twilight is still not completely out of trying to run the play. Not even the evil cuteness of Angel could calm this Twilighting. Looks like Fluttershy is gonna have to go into overdrive for this one.

    By calling upon the powers of nature and fuzzy wuzzy animals to soothe this racing mind! This moment felt like a moment of superheroes mixed with Ace Ventura (minus the butt talking).

     So with a combination of serenading birds, piercing woodpecker back massage, and a skunk blanket, Twilight is lulled to sleep. Again, not the best options I would choose. Don’t know how soft a woodpecker’s beak would be on my spine nor how comfortable skunks as a blanket would be. Maybe an A for effort on Fluttershy’s part, but it’s whatever works for you.

    Rainbow Dash Option

    Well…already not my favorite option. Vigorous exercise to relieve stress. I’ve heard about this foreign concept of constantly moving the body to not think about what’s going on in your mind. But just because I’ve heard of it, doesn’t mean it works for myself. But for the sake of finishing this, let’s see where it goes. But also let me say this, Rainbow Dash using her super speed constantly is cheating!

    Well at least Sunset and Spike are here for support. Or maybe just to make sure Rainbow Dash doesn’t end up killing Twilight with endurance. But now you have not only an academic strong nerd and a video gamer trying to do exercise. This doesn’t always turn out well.

     *queue Rocky workout montage music*
    Yeah this part gets pretty cliché but it’s still a classic troupe. All these fails until she finally starts winning against Rainbow Dash. I can still probably say Rainbow let up a bit on her athletic skills to get Twilight in the winning mood so that’s something of a loyal friend.

    RD: “You beat me. And I only sorta let you win.”
    Sigh…this ego…not a living soul can beat this ego. But it looks like the feel of victory and exercise worked out well for Twilight in the end. But the hot soak in the bath after doing all this working out would probably feel a thousand times better.

    Like I said, this idea SOMETIMES works out well in the end. I feel ya Sun Shim. I truly do. And together we will crawl back to our video games and junk food. Not a bad option for unwinding, but not exactly as versatile for everyone.

    Pinkie Pie Option

    So with Pinkie Pie, her options included talking about many options like Rarity giving her a make over or Bulk Biceps giving her a massage (love that it’s canon from the show). But Twilight’s face is that of a long work day from coming out of a short weekend and having that one co-worker that’s too happy it’s Monday.

    So maybe it’s cheating a bit that Pinkie decided to do a long list of relaxing activities instead of the others thinking of one option. But hey, it gives us variety. (Spoiler alert: they do nothing on this list). Though from the looks of Twilight it might just give her more anxiety. Be strong Sci Twi. People can outlast Pinkie…right?

    So every time Pinkie gets into her over energized mood, Twilight hightails it faster than a turkey on Thanksgiving (sorry guys. Surviving on leftovers). So it doesn’t really help when Twilight is trying to sneak around from having Pinkie find her. To her dismay, that didn’t work too well.

    (Editor’s note: took me five tries to get this shot)

    There’s just so much sass and attitude in this picture, I couldn’t pass it up. But it looks like Twilight is getting fed up with Pinkie following her through inter-dimensional portals through her locker.

    And now we finally hear about the method in the madness. Pinkie Pie annoying someone so badly that all they can think about is where they’ll pop up next. I mean there’s distracting someone from stress and then there’s giving them heart attacks from coming out of nowhere. Trust me, I had this same dumbfounded look Twilight had too when she explained it out loud. Effective, if not a bit obnoxious.

    Pinkie: “YOU’RE WELCOME!!!”

    Well this option did have plenty of Pinkie and great faces from Twilight. Can’t say this was a failure of an idea, but I can’t say if I would do the exact same to someone else. I do relate to avoiding the loud energetic character for the sake of a minute of quiet, but quiet can be dangerous to someone going through stress. It makes your mind race having to think about all you need to do when the point is to not think for a while to clear your mind. Pinkie can keep quietness away easily.
    Well that’s all three choices in trying to relax. Either surround yourself in nature to the point of being friendly with skunks, exercise until you’re sore all over, or have someone annoy the stress out of you. The options are limitless, but I’ll stick to playing violent video games while inhaling fast food burgers at an unhealthy rate. At least Sunset might agree with me on that. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta go find my gaming headset to yell at my friends for playing a Draw 4 in Uno.