• Equestria Girls: Rarity Investigates the Case of the Bedazzled Boot Follow Up

    Next part in this Choose Your Ending segment is bringing back one of my favorite concepts: Rarity as a noir styled detective. As cliché as the actual episode was, I’m a sucker for a good mystery story. And with multiple endings, the possibilities of someone stealing a bejeweled boot are endless (warning: possibilities are only 3). But with Rarity being my personal favorite character, first I’ll say put the pitchforks down because Fluttershy is a close second. And second, it gives her something more than just a pretty face and an eye for fashion. Hate to say this, but she can come off as a bit one note with her dialogue, especially in the EqG world. But with this stylized detective edge, it gives her some form of cleverness and intellect. It's Penny Wrights with another follow up so let’s take a look at some shoe swiping shenanigans and see who's going to the slammer.

    So for a quick recap, Rarity doesn’t want to mine coal and wants to move to the big city to be a disco dancer. Yes, this is plot. We also have Twilight and Flash playing the parents, which SHOULD be awkward, but maybe Flash is not so Twilight crazed as he was in Friendship Games. But I can give him credit for being a decent actor and keeping his pony crushing under control.

    These two have some major discipline issues. Granted this feels like we’re back at square one with evil Sunset, but at least there was a reason for it with them being irresponsible for not watching over a pair of boots. Maybe they just like Sunset yelling at them or something. Something tells me I don’t want to dive too deep into the fanfiction for a topic like that.

    With Rarity’s bedazzled boot missing, she literally turns the world black and white with a flick of her finger to set the scene. And with her saying “another case” it makes me wish they had more episodes or shorts with this motif. I can only imagine the cases she would work on. Lost library books, the missing math teacher, the bathroom graffiti bandit.

    But if you’re like me, you’ll just watch Disney's Fillmore for the same crime drama scenario in a middle school. Highly recommended show *thumbs up*

    Rarity: “Don’t you worry your sweet red head…redhead.”
    I have no snark for this. I just love this line, this shot, this pose.
    Ok enough fan girling. Now let’s get to the bottom of this case and see our suspects of the pilfered prop. Who will be Rarity's first suspect?

    Applejack Option

    So with questioning Applejack, her alibi is her working on the stage sets near the costume rack (actually another part that I'll do later). Why nobody didn’t check that before is beyond me, but we needed the mystery. Along with seeing how many outfits can Rarity can change into for this detective bit.

    So with checking the costume rack, who happens to be there like an evil mastermind coming back to the scene of the heinous crime committed?

    -insert cliché villain line here-

    Editor's Note: Yeah there were too many lines I could've used here so have over 100 of them. Take your pick.

    Oh Applejack. You don’t have to hide your excitement of Rarity falling into your arms. We can see it so clearly on your scowled face. And of course Maud is always a fan favorite. Quiet like a rock, but will say the best lines when talking. But really Maud. Why take a single boot? We know your sort of into fashion, but why just the one boot?

    So she basically stole it because she liked that the rhinestones are made of amethyst geode. Maybe her birthday is in February. We also get some cool fun facts about the world’s largest amethyst geode being 2.5 tons, which I found out is actually true and called the Empress of Uruguay.

    Well needless to say these two found something to bond over. Imagining hugging giant gemstones together. But is it just me or is anybody else getting MLP season 2 premiere vibes from this image?

    Maybe just over thinking. These two don't feel the same at all. But at least we got the boot back and Rarity  x Maud shippers can have more fuel to the fire.

    Pinkie Pie Option

    So with just a little questioning, Pinkie cracks under pressure and confesses. Well…case close. Nice wrap up on that one.

    What do you mean we’re not done? Ok ok I’ll keep watching. But this better get good.

    So due to Rarity knowing Pinkie was getting frozen yogurt at the time of the missing boot (which Pinkie somehow forgot that happened), Pinkie also says that she only confessed to make her feel better. Wow Pinkie is the true MVP of friends. Murder someone? Pinkie will turn herself in so you don’t have to feel bad. Her level of loyalty and generosity are making the actual elements of those traits look really bad.

    Ok second concern. Pinkie’s level of serious crimes is a little…disturbing. She will confess to stealing a prop she was nowhere near, but will feel guilty about someone using her free sample spoon at the frozen yogurt shop because she accidentally put it in the wrong cup. Granted that’s kinda gross and if Pinkie was sick and passed it on to that other person, I could see feeling really bad about it. But from the looks of Rarity, she’s trying her best to handle this screwball dame the best way she can, which is not going well at the moment.

    Pinkie: “Oh you mean the one under the pile of bell-bottoms?”
    Why would this school have bell-bottoms at all in this storage room? There’s smartphones and social media, but somehow bell-bottoms are still a thing? I know with the design of these characters their legs go on to next week, but that doesn't mean they have to wear parachutes on the legs of their pants. At least for the ones that wear pants.

    Rarity: “Well it looks like I solved this case.”

    Pinkie: “But…you didn’t do anything.”

    So other than Pinkie Pie’s freak out moment, this wasn’t as interesting. Maybe it’s because someone just misplaced the shoe in the storage room, but the other shoe was still where it should be and nobody just takes only one shoe if they’re gonna wear them. 

    Trixie Option

    Well I can’t say I wouldn’t be surprised at this turn of events. First we ask the most honest person in the show and now we get the character with the most shade (so to speak) over her head. But I don’t mind hearing her out on this. But if I don’t like her alibi, it’s off to the Big House for little ol’ Trixie.

    Ok this is probably where the cheesy writing shines the most in this one short. The fact that they have both characters' inter-monologues being played while they just sit in silence. I won’t say I didn’t genuinely laugh at this and made this possibly my favorite choice, but that’s exactly what Trixie wants you to think.

    They brought in the spinning hands clock trope just to show they've literally sat there for hours!!! Why did they make this one the funniest option?!? Why are you trying to make me like Trixie so much?!? So what can Rarity do to make this suspect spill the beans?

    The possibility of Rarity doing her makeup and the very task that can take hour to do. I also appreciate the first use of color in this shot. Not like they could make her wear a random shade of grey lipstick and this hot pick is not bad looking on her. With how my own mother is with her makeup, yeah I would probably choose to leave, too.

    So this was in the investigation/storage room the whole time while they were conversing telepathically. Sweet Celestia Rarity, I don’t need you being at Batman levels of detective work, but I won’t accept being at Matthew Broderick as Inspector Gadget levels.

    Oh Spike. I’m sure you would be a great dancer. You just need the right fitting shoes. But this was an actual sweet moment. It’s not sassy Spike trying to impress or greedy dragon Spike wanting a shoe to chew on. This was a nice moment with him and Rarity where she understands and Spike will learn to ask next time. 

    Rarity: “Case…closed”
    Trixie: “Trixie…amazing.”
    Spike: “Umm…why is nobody talking out loud?”
    Curse you Trixie!!! You made a great ending segment! I will graciously golf clap at this ending. Hands down my favorite choice and Trixie made this incredibly entertaining and Spike adding to the 4th wall wreckage makes it even better.
    So this was Rarity Investigates and I maybe it’s because I’m just that big of a Rarity fan, but this might be one of my favorite segments. I can’t deny loving the Trixie option with how silly these two egos clash with each other. The inner-monologue with them just sitting in a room trying to look cool just felt like the best parody of the genre. Can’t forget Maud’s involvement either. A rhinestone incrusted boot seemed like something she would cling to immediately and bring Rarity and Maud closer over their bond of gemstones. And other than the episode “The Gift of Maud Pie” this might be my favorite moment with two of my favorite characters in the show. I wished there could’ve been more done with Pinkie. Her option was simplistic compared to how energized she is on a daily basis. But at least with the missing boot found, the road to the final performance is still underway. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta go hug a giant pretty rock somewhere.