• Bronies NYC Holding Huge Hearth's Warming Celebration Dec 28!

    Love the holidays and looking to keep spreading the holiday cheer leading up to New Years? Bronies NYC has you covered as they are holding a huge Hearth's Warming Celebration on Dec 28th if you are in the area, want to meet some new brony friends and just celebrate the season!

    If you're interested, check on after the break for all the details on what to expect at the event and how to sign up!

    Hello there Every-pony! The Spirit of this group is here to stay! To celebrate that spirit we are going to hold a grand gathering of friends to partake in a bountiful feast!

    Let us give thanks for all the good fortune that has come to us for the past year and give well wishes to all for the next year to come!

    Please note that just like last year, we're gonna to be doing a potluck, so please bring food either prepped by you or purchased.

    Please Fill out this Form if you are bringing Food from the link below…

    Want to see what dishes are coming already? Please refer to the link below…

    All dishes are welcome! Just note that we do not have any facilities to prep food on location, so bring it assembled and cooked. As well as a notecard to display with the food, to tell what it is and who made it. There will be limited space for heated serving stations, but we will try and accommodate as best we can.

    We have all kinds of holiday themed programming ready to spread joy to all!

    We will have:
    - Holiday screenings

    -Comic readings

    -Continuous crafting & board gaming

    -Pony Karaoke & Caroling

    -And Reindeer Games bound to make Roudolph jealous!

    See everypony there!


    Twitter: Calpain