• Toys R' Us Returns with New Jersey Store

    Toys R' Us is looking to make a return to the USA for the holidays this year. While this isn't specifically pony news, we covered quite a bit of it's/ closure a few years ago so it's good to followup.

    These newer ones look to be focusing primarily on play areas, where kids can test out the toys they might buy in a much more exclusive and small environment. I doubt we will see the goliath megacenters their brand has become known for over the past few decades. The employees are going to be more heavily trained, tech more modern, and a big focus on having easy tie-ins with their online portal via touchscreens that let customers scan QR codes to order other products relating to what they are playing with not available in store online.

    Hasbro in particular is running a full NERF testing center, plus play-doh and whatever major licensed properties they are focused on at any given moment, including Frozen and Star Wars currently.

    Will this be enough to save brick and mortar toy stores? It seems like books are making a big comeback on the small store front now that mega-marts like Barnes and Noble and Borders are closing up shop. I wouldn't be surprised if this sort of thing becomes the norm. Our cycle of big store eating little store followed by Amazon eating big store tends to promote the need for smaller niche stuff for people to browse.

    Thanks to Miak for the heads up.