• Pony Tale Adventures Version .3 Now Live

    Pony Tale Adventures has been updated to version .3, adding a ton of new characters and overall features than it's previous version a year ago.

    As always, there is a completely squeaky clean SFW version and a NSFW version. If you aren't into NSFW, avoid that one.

    A full list of updates and links can be found below.

    • Game ported from Renp'y Visual Novel Engine to Unity
    •  Additional support for Linux, web browsers, and Android added- Mac version still pending.
    •  General touch ups and tweaks to general assets
    •  SFX and visual effects added and touched up
    •  Mobile port optimization
    •  Placeholder Main Menu music swapped out with a second Placeholder song
    •  Complete game script revision
    •  Completer sprite and UI rework
    •  Raven Scene completely redone
    •  Rarity and Carousel Boutique introduction scene added
    •  Fluttershy introduction scene added
    •  Sugar Cube Corner introduction scene added
    •  Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer, Spike, and Friendship Castle introduction scene added
    •  Rainbow Dash introduction scene added

    SFW game download
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