• Pony Freestyle Music: MYCUTIEMARKISAGUN - Ponyville Ciderfest 2019 Cipher (feat. Wootmaster, MC-Arch, Pony Abstract, J. Free & BLANK3T) [Hip Hop]

    Thanks to a video recording by MyCutieMarkIsAGun who was on stage providing the sick beats, we can get to experience in some way the awesome times at Ponyville Ciderfest, when cool pony rappers got on stage to sing their passion for ponies and their dedication to the community!! This is definitely very wonderful and heart-warming to watch and made me smile so much all throughout the video, so I thought more could be interested. Come listen to Wootmaster's impressive freestyling, displaying so much love for ponies with that incredible and always-present inspiration, as well as MC-Arch, Pony Abstract, J. Free and even Blank3t contributing as well and making such lovely and impressive verses, straight from the heart! The pony rap scene is so strong and cool, and I love everypony so much! Give it up for the homies who bring fire rap and sweet pony feelings at conventions and with their music releases too!