• Pony Community Soapbox #160 - Helping the Fandom Survive, Ponies Vs. Cats, and More!

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    Headlines this week:

    • If you want this fandom to survive, you NEED to spread it.
    • The Pillars shouldn've returned and stayed
    • Ponies Should Be Seen Driving More
    • Are The Catlike Qualities of Ponies Why We Like Them? 

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    Are The Catlike Qualities of Ponies Why We Like Them?
    By: Qory

    I really think Lauren Faust took inspiration from cats when she created her generation of ponies. Their short snouts and overall head shape are very catlike. The tails are always hiked up and out of the way (something any cat owner will say is a common theme), and they act more catty than horsey generally. I don't think we'd like them as much if they were closer to horses. At the moment we really just have horse accessories, words, and hooves as their horsey features. Magnaluna regularly draws them as cats and most people don't even notice a difference until they see the paws.

    If you want this fandom to survive, you NEED to spread it.
    By: Plaxi

    I've watched doom and gloom take over in a few chat rooms I am in, and it is driving me mad how little anyone ever actually does anything about it. Are things slowing down now that the show is over...? OF COURSE! We don't have any new episodes getting people excited and this makes kids and others that would get into it and be the next general of creators not get involved.

    If you want this fandom to survive, you need to spread the fanbase to places that new people getting into the show would notice it. Post links to things you like on instagram, youtube, facebook, twitter, everything else. We spread by being everywhere and being everywhere is what we do best. This site in particular is really good about indoctrinating people into what is available. Get people involved or we are going to slowly lose people that create things over time as they stop getting feedback. Lots of people I spend time with are becoming saddened by the lack of comments on their work. And new people won't have anyone to turn to for the same kind of reactions everyone else used to get.

    The Pillars shouldn've returned and stayed
    By: FlareGun45

    With the Pillars story in the second half of season 7, I thought it was an interesting story opportunity! However, I don't think this story arc was executed well, and it feels like their arc was a waste. I understand them being the reason why the Tree of Harmony exists and how the Elements are reflections of their own Pillar magic, but were they REALLY needed?

    The comics did a better job with the Pillars than the show did! Campfire Tales felt so rushed - we didn't get a good chance to learn enough about each Pillar! This shoulda been a full-season thing instead of just the second half. We woulda had more of a chance to get to know them. At least Daring Done and A Health of Info used their lore to reflect on the main story, and that was the best way to do it!

    Then of course the season 7 finale came around, Stygian got reformed, and then they stayed, but they never had a major role in a story arc again. All we got is Friendship University, Rockhoof in Hard Place, and then Starswirl had cameos here and there, and then they went out like weaklings in the series finale. WHY did they stay in the present time again? Feels like they didn't need to. Plus, even if Starswirl was around, he never even tried to find Scorpan, and bring him into the show. Scorpan at least had more reasons to show up than the Pillars.

    Sometimes legends need to stay legends. Even if they turned up temporarily, staying was a bad idea. They were easily replaced by the Student 6 anyhow. Maybe the legends shoulda been spirits helping to defeat the Pony of Shadows, and help their souls be at ease by restoring their friendship! Then they can rest in peace! THAT sounds like a better story for the season 7 finale!

    Ponies Should Be Seen Driving More

    In my opinion, I think that the whimsical and unique world of Equestria may not be modern enough. They may have it all with their houses, bakeries and wagons even but why not a car. We've all seen Babs drive that crazy apple wagon in the Season 3 episode; One Bad Apple; but that is only the very tip of the iceberg when it came to what it seems, as close as we can get to ponies actually being able to drive a car. Come to think of it, their lives would be made more convenient, albeit more polluted of course; but the rulers can provide more regulation. For instance like London has their congestion charge, Princess Twilight could impose that on the very city itself Canterlot and even Manehatten and Las Pegasus. Yes I know what you are thinking; we live in absurd times but with the advent of hybrid and all-electric vehicles, the pony world could suffice with automobile travel as well not just for the fandom to be way cooler, but far more imposing to see and view in any capacity.

    Heck, imagine Sweetie Belle with a BMW i8.