• Finale Song Remix: Daniel Ingram - The Magic of Friendship Grows (HittCell Remix) [Drum & Bass]

    It feels just so wonderful to imagine how everypony has been at work since the finale making tributes to it, and more of them are getting released by the day! Today, a lovely surprise from HittCell who made such a gorgeous and emotional remix of The Magic of Friendship Grows! Emphasizing on the feels with such Equestrian melodies accompanying the vocals on the piano and other synths, and with heart-warming synths in the background, the remix is also showcasing such clean DnB beats! And wait for the finale, because, yep you guessed it, HittCell covered the Theme Song on the piano in turn for the last part! A lot of emotion and sweet feelings in this remix, and I hope that you'll appreciate it as much as I did!