• Equestria Daily's National Pony Writing Month Begins!

    Hello, everypony! This is ABagOVicodin, here to remind all my fellow writers that today is the day where Equestria Daily's National Pony Writing Month has begun. From today until November 30th at midnight, start counting those words for the goals that you've set. While the main goal of NaPoWriMo is 50,000 words, remember that any words are a success during this month! For those who missed out on the explanation for NaPoWriMo, you can find the rules and any FAQs after the break. Otherwise, you still have a week to send your writing information to me if you'd like to take part in the event. Happy writing and catch you newbies after the break!

    Here are some FAQs for NaPoWriMo throughout the years:

    What is NaPoWriMo?

    National Pony Writing Month is a spin-off of National Novel Writing Month and was started all the way in 2014 as a way to help fan-fiction writers just write. As a writer myself, I understand how so many things can get in the way of one's desire to just write. So, NaPoWriMo is a challenge, or a goal, or maybe just a nice bonus for those who already write a lot of stories.

    What is the goal of NaPoWriMo?

    50,000 words by the end of the month. While normally these months are just focused on fanfiction and poetry, I will allow scripts, editorials, and articles because I am a man that loves variety. There are many different ways to write, and I encourage you to try something new!

    What are the rules of NaPoWriMo?

    A very good question, person who read ahead. The rules are as follows:
    • Anything that you write must be SFW (safe for work), pony-related, and within Equestria Daily's submission guidelines. This means no clop, gore, or anything along those lines. Humanized, Equestria Girls, and anthro fics/scripts/etc. are fine.
    • We will give you all until November 8st, 2019 to email eqdnapowrimo@EquestriaDaily.com. Give us this information to officially sign yourself up to the event: Your author name, your goal (doesn't have to be 50k, but aim for the stars!), and what you want to write. It can be new ideas that you have, or a continuation of old stories that you want to pick back up. I also want to remind you that only words written in November count towards the goal.
    • Here is an example: ABagOVicodin, 50k words, Doomsday Arcade and On the Wings of the Moon.
    • Use either Google Docs or Fimfiction for your writing submissions. Nothing else will be accepted. If you want to keep your stories hidden, then make sure to include the link and password within the email and let us know if you want them shown on the blog.
    What I Will Do:

    I will update you guys every week in November with a pep talk and/or blog post/interview on writing. My posts will focus on different kinds of writing tips, from characterization to story structure. I'll aim to get help from other fan-fiction writers to chip in some insight to help you guys write the best stories that you can!

    For those of you who wish to use the Equestria Daily Discord to mingle and talk about your writing, please keep in mind the rules of the Discord. I will trust the Discord moderators to enact any action that is needed if things go awry.

    And that's about it! Please email us or post a comment down below if you have any questions. While it may take a little bit to answer, I'll make sure to comb through the comments throughout today. After today, please email questions to the email above.

    Good luck and let's make this event strong! Go writers, go write! Spread this around! ABagOVicodin out.