• Equestia Girls: Fluttershy's Butterflies Follow-Up

    So this will be an interesting challenge to write on. Doing a follow up on the Pick Your Ending videos. There’s a few of them out there and Youtube makes it convenient to literally play the first part of the story, see the options, and click the video option you want to see. And it’s not like I haven’t had my fair options when children’s books did something like this where you went to the designated page to see what you get. Of course I didn’t realize it was that kind of book and thought the writer was having a time crisis on where he was in the story. Needless to say, my book report was just as confused as I was. 

    But enough childhood hauntings. The story with this is helping Flutter Butter with her audition for a play and whose advice she should take. This was probably one of my favorite videos only due to a certain random choice. I’ll go through each one and let me know which ones you guys liked the most.

    So the girls are looking forward to doing a play called "Dazzled", a story about a coal miner’s daughter wanting to be a dancer in the big city. I feel like this idea was done in a play somewhere, but my Broadway theater knowledge is not as vast. If you can think what this play was similar to, let me know and I might fake like I know what story it is. Anyway, I wonder who would be high maintenance enough to play a lead character like that.

    Oh Applejack you should always be supportive of your girlfriend even in terms of acting and gloating about it. There’s actually a whole process to this play and I’ll go over the whole segment starting with this first one. But mostly because it's fun to watch and it has everyone in it doing something for the play. This could've been a special all its own.

    I won’t deny being a bit of an animation snob and enjoyed this moment. Pinkie getting excited over the play that can either go well or make you embarrass yourself in front of the whole school. The moment they turn around to talk to Fluttershy, she’s already an after image of her former self. Are we sure she’s not the one with super speed out of the group? Rainbow Dash hasn’t done a move like this before.

    Oh no! Fluttershy being scarred and having stage fright and anxiety over performing well. What an original and new concept idea for her character. I’m sure we haven’t seen that at all from this character. But in this case it kind of makes sense that she’s better performing with her friends in The Rainbooms than doing an acting audition by herself alone.

    And now we come to our dilemma. Who do we pick to help Fluttershy get over her stage fright to do the audition? Each option is in this one screenshot so take your pick. But I’ll do it for you anyway and we'll see what happens.

    Rainbow Dash Option

    So with this idea, Rainbow Dash decides to have Fluttershy get used to talking at crowds by announcing a soccer game. How did she even volunteer for this? Wouldn’t there be someone else that does this? But it’s not a bad idea. Not to mention we also get this great scared Flutters expression. Just toss it on the pile of other scared expressions. She’s got a ton.

    The moment she does loose up and get herself into the excitement of the game is when she really gets vocal. Makes me want to find a Spanish dubbed version of this video to really get into the authentic soccer game. Now those are announcers that know how to hype up a crowd for a sport I know nothing about.

    “Down here we mine for COOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!”

    In the context of the one line she’s trying out for, I don’t know if it’s necessary to sound like a sports announcer for it. Silly idea, but regardless, she gets the part. Let’s try a different option.

    Applejack Option

    Applejack’s idea is a new twist on an old classic stage fright cure. Imagine everyone in the audience as chickens. I suppose for rating purposes, we can’t have Fluttershy see her friends along with other people in the audience naked. That’s for the Rule 34 artists to make. But this could be a good option for someone who talks to animals now
    Wait…but then what if the chickens are mean? What if they don’t like your acting? What if they find out the country has been going crazy over fast food sandwiches made from their families?

    So it looks like the chicken trick worked out for Fluttershy in the end. Gave a natural line read and was calm and collected on stage. But it looks like it was something else other than chickens she was imagining in the audience.

    Oh my goodness! Look at all those background characters! Ok ok pitchforks down! It was a joke! But it was a cute idea to imagine the most supportive and caring friend as the ones in the audience. Guess the other Humane 6 didn’t count. Though I wonder who was the one in the bottom right corner supposed to be. That’s more of a Fluttershy copy than the real Fluttershy.

    *Dodges ninja throwing stars*

    I said it was a joke!!! Calm your apples over there!!!

    So I wonder if Applejack’s other idea really was to replace everyone in the audience with chickens to make the imagination come to life. Don’t think it was needed. And again, thank Celestia that it wasn’t the “imagine everyone in the audience naked” trick. Might get a bit weird to have Applejack ask everyone in the audience to strip down to their undies. Also Big Mac had one of the infamous chicken sandwiches and I don’t think the live chickens took it too well.
    But let’s see about our last and one of my favorite options that even I didn’t expect to happen.

    DJ Pon3 Option

    Of course I had to re-watch this short to even realize she was back there. How she’s playing music in the library is beyond me. But what idea can come from a DJ musician about auditioning for a play with one line when we haven't even heard her speak ONCE?

    That's the ticket! Use fog machines, bright flashing lights, and a hologram Fluttershy to do the audition. Such a practical and not over the top idea. Music was a banger here, too. Guess we can say this was also Vinyl Scratch’s audition to do sound and lighting for the play as well. Don't think she got it since the music might drown out the actors performing.

    Well… can’t say Flutters didn’t leave a great impression on everyone in the crowd. Making a grand entrance can also be a good option for adding charm to your audition. And for the line read, kinda rushed and not as grand as that opening for her on stage. Not to mention I’m pretty sure you can’t use a hologram version of yourself on stage for the final performance, but since she’ll be with everyone else on stage, she should be fine. Right?

    “Wow. She really knows how to make an entrance.”
    You’re telling me Rarity. Guess our other options wouldn’t have come up with something so flashy for Fluttershy, but hey. Whatever works works.
    Well that was Fluttershy’s Butterflies. A fun idea for the creators to come up with different ideas for a Pick Your Own Ending series of videos. As for the story, it’s not like we haven’t seen a stage fright Fluttershy before, but thinking of different ways for her to get over it (for the hundredth time) was enjoyable to watch. Even the results are all different with Applejack’s option being the more normal audition, Rainbow Dash’s idea being more over the top for the line she’s reading, and Vinyl Scratch being…Vinyl Scratch. Maybe I’ll even use Applejack’s idea to imagine a sea of Big Macs to get over stage fright. Or maybe just to have non-rated fun with. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta go find a stage to be afraid of.