• Editorial: Possible Stories for Season 10

    Sup brahs? Season 10 is coming in comic form! Whether or not you wanna read them or even consider them canon is completely up to you! Let's hope Hasbro made a great investment here and the comics live up to our expectations! But what could be great potential comics we could get?


    Other than the main story arc and her adjusting to the royalty role, there's no better character to check up on the princesses during their retirement, which is probably gonna be, like, the first issue after the premiere!

    To be honest, I can't really think of any stories for Twilight other than those. Maybe an episode where she takes over the School of Magic, and meets Luster Dawn for the first time!

    I would love to see an unexpected turn of events towards her relationship with Spike as well. When in the series has the two of them ever had a heated argument? They had fallouts before, twice, Owl's Well and Father Knows Beast, but it was always one-sided - Twilight in Owl's Well and Spike in Father Knows. Like hear this: Twilight has her ideas for the solution to the main story arc, and Spike has his. Part of being an assistant is calling out flaws to the one they're helping, but has he ever kept trying and trying to persuade her to the point he yells at her to listen to him for once cause he knows the solution, but Twilight is too stubborn to listen? Over the years that Twilight doesn't listen to him, I dunno why he has never snapped at her yet. He’s pretty loyal, but it would be nice to see him walk out on her and quit being her advisor (ONLY TEMPORARILY), and then Twilight and the others would realize how much they needed him. It would be a great lesson to have on 'listening' and 'being assertive' to even your closest friend, and great development towards their relationship.

    There was an alternative season 9 finale where Twilight turn evil. That would probably match too closely to Midnight Sparkle in EQG, but hey, if Spike’s the solution to save her, I won’t complain! :3 Yeah I know, I’m going too far with the Spike stuff. Thing is, it’s gonna get worse down below! You can skip the Spike section if you want, just don’t say I didn’t warn ya! XD It’s a FlareGun45 editorial, what didja EXPECT? :P


    Seeing how in The Last Problem, Pinkie ended up marrying Cheese Sandwich had a daughter son named Li'l Cheese, it is more than likely that we're gonna see a story of how the two started dating! Maybe we can get a lesson about romance in a way! Pinkie's one that's always been about friendship, but romance might not be her strong suit, and therefore she might be afraid of the relationship not working out and therefore ruin a friendship. I would LOVE to see a story like that! There are people who are too afraid of relationships (including me), because of the possibility of them ruining friendships! I'd also love to see Maud and Mudbriar's reaction to THEIR relationship, maybe seeing theirs as being unnatural, as a reflection towards Pinkie's opinion with her sister's! XD

    Anything else? Well, of course, there could be some stories for her family, more specifically, Marble and Limestone. After Marble being brokenhearted after seeing Big Mac with Sugar Belle (curse you Vogel), and Limestone implying to be jealous of Maud and Mudbriar's relationship, they deserve happiness just as much as Maud and Pinkie do!

    I dunno whether or not Pinkie is running Sugarcube Corner now or the Cake twins, but it looks like there could be a story opportunity in place for the retirement of Mr. and Mrs. Cake and them giving the shop to a successor!


    Of course we'd all love to see the story about how Rainbow Dash became Captain of the Wonderbolts, as seen in the time jump! Rainbow Dash always wanted to be a Wonderbolt, but to be a captain? Now THAT'S a different story - something she probably wouldn't expect! This could reflect towards Twilight's readiness of being a leader in the season 9 premiere, only it's Rainbow Dash with the Wonderbolts!

    We could also see the return of The Washouts! Not sure about any other story opportunities with them, but seeing how far Lightning Dust's rivalry with Rainbow Dash turn out would be fun!

    Now let's talk about the elephant in the room... Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Are they a couple, do they live with eachother, or does Rainbow just come to Sweet Apple Acres from time to time to help AJ with chores? My personal opinion, I don't think they're a couple, I think just something mighta happened to Rainbow Dash's house, and therefore AJ let Rainbow stay with her, and it turns out that Rainbow enjoys the farm life and decides to stay!

    And the last story…. Rainbow Dash finds a pony named Lion and falls in love with him! :P


    I don't really have much ideas for AJ (other than the idea with Rainbow I just gave), since AJ's story is mostly based on Apple family history, something that’s always a treat to have. Maybe we can see AJ getting used to having Sugar Belle living with her! I know for a fact that we're not gonna get a comic that involves Granny dying - even though it would be an interesting story to touch upon, Hasbro would never approve.

    Since we got Quibble and Cheese back for season 9, how about a story featuring the return of Rara? I'm not sure how she'd return though. Maybe fame troubles? Maybe Sapphire Shores has something on her? Maybe Rara threw a huge party and didn't invite AJ? So many possibilities!

    Other than these, I don't really have anything for AJ, sorry.


    Judging by what we got in The Last Problem, Rarity is opening more shops in international place, like Yakyakistan! It'd be cool seeing a story about the troubles Rarity goes through in attempting to open one there!

    I can definitely see a story about Suri Polomare opening a rival boutique across the street from Rarity's Manehattan Expansion, maybe we can get something outta that! Maybe a story featuring the return of Coco Pommel and seeing first-hoof of her success!

    Rarity's parents are pretty much the only parents that didn't get an episode featuring them. Yes, they appeared in Sisterhooves Social and spoke, but we dunno much about them, so maybe we should get a Rarity/Sweetie Belle comic that involves something about their parents' past. I had this idea that they used to be a rocker duet (which explains how Rarity did that awesome guitar shred in Honest Apple)!


    Like AJ, I don't really have much for her. Maybe her relationship with Discord, like them living with eachother, or Discord putting up with the fact that she's not gonna last forever? That would be a pretty deep story to cover. Maybe a story containing Zephyr Breeze?

    I do think there'll be a zebra kingdom story for Zecora that'll appear in the comics, since Jim said how much the team wanted to make one. I got the feeling that if this story happens, Fluttershy would be the one to star in it!


    It's so easy for me to think of stories for Spike! For starters, we know Twilight sometimes has troubles adjusting to new places, but what about Spike adjusting to his new life in Canterlot? Twilight sees her friends every month, but how long does Spike get to see his own pals? Gabby doesn't visit Canterlot, Smolder and Starlight are busy at school, and does he still play O&O with Big Mac? It's upsetting that we see Twilight upset about leaving her friends in The Last Problem, but Spike didn't have this problem.

    Spike was Royal Advisor since Ending of the End, but his ambassador role was still for just the dragons before the time jump, so how did this turn out? How did he become ambassador? Did he just get chosen for the job, or was there a bigger story involved that led to it? I'm most interested in this! Not only that, but Spike travels alot it would seem! Maybe a story talking about how Spike has to deal with being separated from Twilight for so long. This is a story I've been wanting to see for a long time - Spike being more independent from Twilight, not being afraid of being sent away anymore!
    It would also be really nice seeing more of his relationship with the Sparkle family, since we didn't get enough of that! Maybe we can see a bond between him and Flurry Heart! Since Spike's a hero of the Crystal Empire, I could see Flurry seeing Spike as an idol, and if we get a small timejump with Flurry at a toddler age, then it would make the bond more interesting! Maybe Spike's influence is what inspires her to be the Princess of the Crystal Empire she was destined to be!

    I already mentioned in a previous editorial about how much I want him to connect with Scorpan, but maybe he could be heavily involved with the reformation process of the Villain Trio, if this becomes a story. No, he's not reforming ALL of them, that'd be silly! I want the best for Spike, but I gotta be more realistic here, c'mon! He might reform one, and others will reform the rest! Me money's on Cozy - especially if she's an orphan like him.

    I already mentioned above a possible Twilight/Spike fallout because she never listens to him, but extending that feeling towards the rest of the Mane 6 wouldn’t be a bad idea either. He was always the oddball in the group, and we know he has better chemistry with his non-Mane 6 friends like Starlight, Thorax, Smolder, and Gabby. Does he stick with the Mane 6 just for Twilight’s sake, or does he do it for all of them? And as close to them as he claims to be, there’s not much chemistry or development of relationship towards him and half the group. To Spike, they looked more like “my sister’s friends” instead of “my friends”, and it would be nice to see that touched upon. Does the group really need him, or just Twilight?


    Herself? I can't really think of much stuff for her. Her arc feels pretty complete! But maybe we could have a story about what she plans to do with the Castle of Friendship. With the map not working anymore and the castle is mostly empty, she needs to find out what she wants to do with it - otherwise it's just a big empty building she lives in. Maybe see an episode how she turns it into a tourist attraction in some way, like a museum or a Bed ‘n Breakfast! The Student 6 can help her out - as well as Trixie and Sunburst!

    Of course she can still play a huge supportive role in helping her friends out with other problems! I'm sure we have alota untold stories about Trixie that can heavily involve Starlight in! Trixie mighta not have met her dad yet, the Great Jack Pot, so Starlight could help her out with that!

    Most of Starlight's involvement might be within stories at the School of Friendship, and by extension, the Student 6. Maybe a story for Starlight that involves her getting romantically involved with Sunburst? That's pretty unlikely, considering how strict Hasbro is with shipping characters.

    Regardless, much to some of our disappointment (and others' satisfaction), I don't think Starlight's gonna get alot in the incoming season, other than the supporting roles I mentioned.


    Of course we'll likely see the story of how the CMCs became full-on teachers! Maybe after they graduated from Cheerilee's class, they get hired as full-time teachers, taking the Mane 5's places since being teachers takes alot outta their daily lives! Seriously, I dunno how they do it.

    I'm still upset that we never had a proper conclusion for Babs Seed and met the Manehattan CMCs yet, so I'm hoping for a story there that involves them.

    Other than those two, we should definitely see some stories with the CMCs individually - those are usually more interesting than the CMC episodes in general... usually, but not all the time.


    The Student 6 have the most incomplete story arc amongst the rest of the recurring supporting cast. For starters: what's the purpose of the Treehouse of Harmony? Other than just being a shelter to the Student 6, Twilight said in Uprooted that it might have a bigger purpose than they might think, and it mighta originally had a bigger plan within season 9 before the idea was scrapped, much like the renovation of the Castle of the Two Sisters in season 4.

    Next thing is graduation - the Student 6 would be glad to graduate, but then there's this: what's next? Of course know Gallus becomes a royal guard, Yona runs Carousel Boutique (along with Sandbar?), and the rest hang out at the school (I guess they became teachers). How about a story about how they decided each of their destinies?

    Next is that giant lava monster creature that was shown in one of the stain glass windows in the throne room. What was that story about? I'm almost certain we're gonna get this story!

    Lastly, each of the Student 6 can individually get other stories, such as learning more about Gallus' history, or Ocellus writing a play, or seeing how far Smolder's relationship with Spike would develop!


    I already talked about the Villain Trio in another editorial and how they could possibly reform, but for all we know, this could be what the season's story arc could be! During one of the meetings of the Council of Friendship, they might wanna talk about the imprisoned Villain Trio. Of course a large majority of them just wanna keep them how they are, but knowing Fluttershy, she'd probably be the first one to suggest trying to reform them!

    It would be an uneasy decision to make with between the seven of them, but with the right planning, it could work. Throughout the different issues in the season, it could have the Mane 7 prepare for the different tactics they'd have to do in order to succeed. They themselves shouldn't be directly involved in the reform process, but they'd have to bring EVERYONE who is known to have history with the Villain Trio, such as Scorpan, the changelings, the Student 6, the CMCs, Starlight, and the princesses to each share their different experiences to give Twilight the ideas she needs to successfully reform them.

    Who knows? This could just be the start of a bigger threat - the TRUE Grogar!


    Anything can happen in season 10! I really wish for the best that season! Lately, comic ponies hasn't been getting a good reputation, but hopefully that could be turned around! This is our last chance to get our unanswered questions answered, canonly! So is there any ideas you have for the season? Let's talk about it down below! :D Do you have it sorted by oldest, newest, or best? :P