• NYCC Comic Con Coverage--Day 1: The Exhibit Floor

    Believe it or not, this is actually perfect weather for a convention. Overcast. Cool. And rainy.

    All the ingredients needed to keep nerds inside and at close quarters all day.

    Happy New York Comic Con everyone! Like last year I'll be chronicling the events of the day in a follow up wrap up. Hope you're all ready to have some fun, fun, fun!
    Also tomorrow I'm switching things up and live blogging the IDW 20 years panel for coverage. I am absolutely beat and need to take things a little easy after walking the width of Manhattan Island today.

    You'll be able to check out my full day after the break! 

    This is supposed to be the quiet day, and already I can see it is completely mobbed at the line to queue up.

    I wonder how fast this is going to translate into a mess for the exhibit hall?

    The showfloor was completely mobbed not even 45 minutes after the exhibit hall opened. Holy smokes is it crowded in there.

    I also unfortunately wasn't able to make it to see the Rainbow Dash prototype. Tomorrow for sure.

    ... at this point I'm not even surprised Starbucks is mobbed. Been to enough of these shows to know this is the go to place for coffee in the morning.

    But where was I standing when I took this shot?

    Why I was standing in line for this! The Star Trek Universe Transporter Experience. It was cool at SDCC. It's still cool at NYCC. This was definitely worth standing in line 45 minutes to experience each time. Fantastic doesn't do it justice!

    I love these Star Wars figures! That Darth Vader is perfect as a samurai warlord!

    Yes, the walking dead is still a huge deal at NYCC since it easily took up one of the biggest banners in the crystal palace.

    Lots of other banners were here too, As was a continuation of the crowd.

    You know, for a day that didn't sell out, NYCC is STILL absolutely packed to the gills. Thankfully I was at the Star Trek Universe Transporter experience, and outside of the crowd, and thankful I had the foresight to put on an ankle brace before the show. Why? Well, I chronically sprained my ankle a little over two years ago and I really don't want to re-injure it just by walking on my feet all day.

    Did that at C2E2 last year. Each step nearly put me to tears is an understatement for how bad it was. Was not re-experiencing that at my favorite show.

    I didn't stop staring at that for ten minutes. Even as I was being told it was my turn to step into the transporter, I couldn't tear my eyes away.

    Not after seeing the combadge of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. I wondered what other Star Trek surprises NYCC had in store for me. Hopefully something good!

    I seriously wonder how Riker will react when he finds out he has a dog named after him.

    Wild Bills Soda has very quickly become a mainstay at Pop Culture Conventions all over the United States. Heck, even BronyCon for its final two years had them and their amazing soda there!

    Unfortunately they were placed in a really bad spot in the exhibition hall, so I didn't have time to pick up a mug or fill it up with my favorite flavor.

    Especially not once I saw what time it was! I realized I had an appointment to keep so I had to book it to make it there.

    Thankfully, I knew the fastest way to my destination involved passing by two of the booths on my bucket list for today.

    The IDW Publishing booth was absolutely mobbed. However they also didn't have anything related to My Little Pony to show off at this show.

    And unfortunately there was no pony representation on the booth either.

    So unfortunately IDW had nothing for My Little Pony... however there are still a bunch of IDW panels coming out over the next couple of days. Who knows what the future will bring.

    All I knew was that my immediate future needed me running to my appointment.

    Sorry Shenron. I wish I could stay and check more things out at your many booths, but I have an appointment I need to keep! However, just because I had something scheduled, didn't mean I couldn't stop for a moment and enjoy the...

    Cosplays! Look, I found him! I found Waldo! I found Waldo at New York Comic Con!

    Those Dark Jedi and Sith stand no chance against the might of a little Rey of sunshine!

    I have no idea which character this cosplayer is playing, but I do know that she is brilliant! What an incredible costume! I love it!

    I ended up walking past the Empire State Building...

    Wait a second. What was I doing outside of the Javits Center?


    Oh yeah. That's right! Hasbro Offsite event! While it is not related to My Little Pony, Equestria Daily was invited to a press event for a different Hasbro Toyline. One which will get it's own separate EQD post and go up shortly!

    Just wait until you see what Hasbro is cooking up for the Holiday Season!

    On my way back into the convention center I ran into the best version of Thor. Somehow, running into an avenger ended up being rather prophetic for how my day would end.

    You'll see what I mean in a little bit, don't worry.

    The line to get into Capsule Corp. was over an hour long. I can wait to get in tomorrow. Sorry Shenron, but as much as I love Dragon Ball, there is a greater fandom calling my credit card by name.

    CBS had a Star Trek Universe Booth (#166) setup within the main exhibit hall selling exclusive star trek collectibles.

    If you look closely, you'll notice a set of wine glasses. They are Chateau Picard wineglasses. Yes I bought a full set of them. And I am looking forward to drinking some actual Chateau Picard red wine from them soon.

    After all, my bottle is scheduled to show up next week, so I'll have choices. But Wineglasses and T-Shirts weren't all CBS had on display here. They also had costumes.

    Yes the shot is blury. Unfortunate side effect of encasing the costume behind reflective glass. However, behind my fat reflection is the costume of one of my heroes. He has been my hero for most of my life. And I cannot believe he is coming back to the small screen.

    Hey, if Captain Jean-Luc Picard can make a comeback, there is absolutely no reason why a certain cartoon about colorful cartoon horses (which is about to end next week) can't. We'll just have to see what the future holds.

    Jean-Luc Picard is my captain. Not Kirk. Not Sisko (close second though). Not Janeway. Definitely not Archer.


    I honestly cannot wait for this series. I know it's going to... boldly go where no one has gone before.

    And speaking of boldly going, the spirit of this convention is best summed up by who I ran into next.

    Captain Rogers has, over the last 8 years, become one of my all time favorite characters. No question about it. As for why I care about this fictional super hero, the answer is simple.

    Every single virtue he represents, without exception, are the ones my father has taught me over the last 31 years of my life.

    There are so many that my dad taught me, but the one engraved upon the pedestal of the Square-Enix Avengers statue brought me to a complete stop. And it is a fitting place to end today's coverage of NYCC.

    Nuff said. This has been The Illustrious Q. See you all tomorrow!