• More Pony Music! We'll Be Living in Color!

    While we're all recovering from the finale, why not busy your mind and soothe your heart by checking out some new releases in the pony music scene? I've got you covered with lotta new songs in this post, made from various inspirations, and always with such passion!
    And by the way, here's my reactions to the finale if you're interested!

    1. Ice Angel - Reunify
    Instrumental - Progressive House
    Inspired by some S9 episodes, this uplifting and aerial track by Ice Angel is quite bouncy as well, and further calls for a reflective moment along the ponies!

    2. Crystal Slave - Our Flaws
    Instrumental - Drum & Bass
    Crystal Slave shares what may be his last pony song, and it features such divine vocal chops from Flawless along a very creative instrumental that is full of surprises! Read this letter to know what he has to say!

    3. Spikey Wikey - Loudmouth
    Instrumental - Flutterstep
    Nostalgic Flutterstep from the album Party's Over, with delightful Flutterchops and emotional melodies waiting for you along the intentionally cheesy wubs!

    4. Vylet Pony - Familiar Feelings (feat. Chi Chi)
    Vocal - Chillout
    Starring Chi Chi's gorgeous vocals, this masterpiece from Love Letters: Colourless is so emotional with the synthwork as well, and it conveys such an important part of the story, making amazing use of voice acting in the track as well!

    5. Coltcrusher - The End of the Rainbow
    Vocal - Death Metal
    The bringers of brutal and gore Death Metal in the community, Coltcrusher present us a new rocking release, and the powerful screaming vocals and shocking visuals are back!
    Explicit thumbnail & visuals, watch at your own discretion

    6. Voodoo Pup - The Heart Carol & Theme Song Piano Improv
    Instrumental - Piano Solo
    Voodoo Pup's own heartfelt tribute to FiM in light of the recent finale, this beautiful piano improv based on show songs has a distinct emotion from such callbacks!

    7. Daniel Ingram - Equestria the Land I Love (DeaDmau6 Remix) (feat. RareRhyme & ConversePromise)
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    A cool tribute made in collab by this group of friends, it makes lovely use of pony vocal samples to tell a story, and of course to pay much tribute to the ponies!

    8. GeekBrony - Eager To Explore
    Instrumental - Soundtrack
    GeekBrony is not only developing the pony fan game PoniGame, he's also composing OST tracks from it! Eager To Explore is all about that distinct excitement when you start a new adventure in a RPG game!

    9. Daniel Ingram - Being Big is All It Takes (Rod Steven Remix)
    Vocal - Eurobeat
    Rod Steven's streak of Eurobeat remixes continues, and this time he remixed the recent CMC song we loved so much, to our greatest delight!

    10. Rouge Angel - Transcendence
    Instrumental - Ambient Metalcore
    A blissful intrumental experience carrying personal feelings, Transcendence shows us the power of Ambient Metalcore with such emotional guitar play and a focus on building a unique atmosphere to reflect Ventious' amazing artwork!

    11. Ponytronic - Angresty
    Instrumental - Dubstep/Experimental
    Always so creative, Ponytronic's pieces explore some new directions in EDM, and this one has a dual meaning, reflecting both a personal experience and Luna's character depth!

    12. Damien Nagy - Thème de Windskyed
    Instrumental - Soundtrack
    From the OST of their MP3 saga Erebys, Thème de Windskyed (Windskyed's Theme) is such a relaxing composition relfecting the innocence of youth!

    13. Sertrixy - Everlight
    Instrumental - Progressive House
    Posted on Cider Party and using this special thumbnail for the occasion of the finale, this comeback piece from Sertrixy is shining bright with such a rich and emotional composition, and making use of pony vocal samples too!

    14. Shuttershade - Rainbow (Covering Sia)
    Vocal - Pop
    His heartfelt tribute to the show and the community, this very lovely cover of the movie's finale song Rainbow is Shuttershade's sweet expression of feelings, and hopes for the community! Read more on his Twitter!
    Soundcloud link

    Daniel Ingram - We'll Make Our Mark (w/ Diamond Tiara Verse)
    Dan Whittemore - The Last Drop (Extended Edit)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!