• LyraBon Music: Silva Hound & PegasYs - Hands On (feat. StealingShad3z) [House]

    VERY fitting in light of recent events in the show (even if it was only in the background), this LyraBon-themed track by Silva Hound and PegasYs featuring StealingShad3z's incredible vocal talents is bringing all the classy and funky House vibes along with the steamy lyrics. You can't help but fall in love when you hear such sexy vocals, that don't go without reminding of a certain BlackGryph0n, and the instrumental born from the musical skills of Silva and Peg is definitely doing wonders with such a clean sound and enthralling progression. Clearly a masterpiece, Hands On is part of Ponies at Dawn Eternal! Let's wish the best for Lyra and Bon Bon, no matter how you decide to call their relationship, those two feel so much love toward each other, and that is something we shall celebrate in unison!