• Luna vs Daybreaker Music: Jyc Row - Lunar Rebellion (feat. Satomi) [Hybrid Orchestral]

    Check out the story and translated lyrics in the description, for they are telling quite an interesting fanmade tale, of Luna rising up to a tyrannous Daybreaker and having to resort to becoming Nightmare Moon! That "voice in her head", enacted by Satomi at the end of the track, make for quite an emotional part that is giving me shivers every time! There's just some anime-tier levels of epic in lines such as "Accepte me and get my power, and awaken the true power, there’s no way but this to beat the sun". Jyc truly had an amazing vision when he decided to collab with Satomi and blend his talent at Epic Orchestral music with beautiful vocals and deep storyline, part of a grander concept that he imagined for his project "IE" about an alternate universe of MLP! More details in the description on YouTube. Be sure to grab this masterpiece as part of Ponies at Dawn Eternal!