• Fanfiction: Amber Ashes (Update - Complete!)

    [Adventure][Drama][Alternate Universe]

    Author: GMBlackjack

    The world has been dying for as long as the Enchantress can remember, reduced to little more than a desolate expanse of sand. And yet, she keeps walking, for she knows she is the last hope of the world. 
    When mares from extremely different worlds arrive in her desert, the Enchantress is forced to reexamine everything she thought to be true. There will be stories of monsters, books, ghosts, gods, stars, machines, and ponies who have not lived most of their life in a world approaching the end. They must come to terms with their vastly different experiences in a tangle of alternate worlds no one is prepared for.The multiverse is a big place, and this small corner of existence has just received some unwanted attention.

    Amber Ashes (New Chapter 29-32!)

    Additional Tags: AUs, multiverse, alt mane 6.