• Eternal Tracks! EDM Bliss, Velvet Remedy Song, and OST-like Emotion!

    More tracks off the recent must-have compilation album Ponies at Dawn Eternal got a YouTube release in the meantime, check it out and leave comments to support the artists! It includes many EDM treats, such as Bliss from AJ Young and loophoof featuring divine pony vocal chops, Devastation from Hoofy that has some Chryssy flair, Calibrate from RKDM that is so emotional, and I Miss When You Loved Me from Zizkil that showcases such amazing and dark sound design! There's also a new deep song about Velvet Remedy by The Wasteland Wailers titled Friendship from Fire, and an Orchestral/Soundtrack collab between John Doe and Velvet R. Wings titled The End Of Seasons that holds much emotion for the OST fan! Find them all below the break!

    bank pain, Hay Tea & John Kenza - Naïveté

    Faulty - Asunder (feat. Lilikha)

    The Wasteland Wailers - Friendship from Fire

    Hoofy - Devastation

    AJ Young & loophoof - Bliss

    RKDM - Calibrate

    VooDoo - Vibez

    Zizkil - I Miss When You Loved Me

    John Doe aka Wandering Artist - The End Of Seasons (feat. Velvet R. Wings)