• Equestria Girls Music Video Follow Up: Cheer You On

    Oh if this ain’t a doozy of a topic to write about. Even when finding out they were giving Flash Sentry a music video, all the tropes started running through my head. Should we expect a sappy love song of the pony princess he can’t have, the alternate reality version of said princess not giving a flying feather about him, or a power ballad of teenage angst? But not surprising to say, it’s about him coming out as a brony. I have some strong concerns why every girl this guy wants was once walking on four legs with a horn sticking out of their heads. But it’s not like every pony fan doesn’t have their own waifus and husbandos *ahem* Braeburn *cough, cough*. Sorry guys, getting over a cold. If I was to say this song had a moral, it would be shipping is magic. Or that you have people wishing you the best even without saying a thing and will be there for you when needed. Anyway, on to the music!

    Well…first few seconds of the song and I already have my topic on a personal editorial on Shimmer and Sentry: the ghost ship that rose from the depths. Don’t judge me if I use this exact wording for a title. Anyway, this music video came out AFTER Sunset was deemed bisexual so all you Sunlight fans can put your pitchforks down.
    It’s not like we haven’t seen small interactions of something going on between these two. True, their history is just as genetically created like an orange crossed with a frog. But with how things have progressed since one small moment in Legend of Everfree, there might’ve been something genuine with their short relationship. I’ll disclose more in my own editorial because with Sunset being one of my favorite characters for EG, I have to play Big Sis and watch who she’s crushing on. And it’s not getting passed Twilight and Applejack here either.

    So on bass we have Ringo (instead of drums like you would think), Brawly Beats on drums, and…wait. What’s Sandlwood doing in the band too? Last time I checked, he was rocking out with the other eco-hipsters in Rainbow Rocks.

    Guess screwing up a banner for the Friendship Games buried the bad blood from Rainbow Rocks. Nice to see Sandlewood can get over things well. Also he can play piano and a conga (type of tall drum. Had to look that up).

    So…yeeaaahh…still has a face you want to punch to me. Especially in this glittered up button down. The first few lines of the song is literally “OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I’M A HUGE FAN AND I HAVE ALL YOUR MERCH!!” It’s sweet in a way, but with how the video progresses, you’ll notice one particular Equestrian girl he has his eye on.

    So you know how in the pony world random monsters can find its way out the Everfree Forest and attack at any moment? This is that same kind of idea in the human world. Ponies get bug bears and timberwolves and humans get a giant toaster robot gone crazy. Guess he wanted to see the concert Flash’s band is doing, too.

    The supporting man in your world, I’m for Equestria Girls!
    I won’t say it’s a kind of cringe line, but wow. Maybe I’m just too cynical to hear nothing but creepy from this line, but I’m sure it’s a nice gesture. You have someone in your corner supporting you from a far and willing to help if needed. It’s a nice thought to have if there wasn’t a whole school of people supporting the Humane 7 for saving their lives countless times. But you know, every fan counts.
    Well that explains why Micro Chips was not helping with backstage sound. He was too busy playing Alicorn God and creating the plot for the music video. Funny thing is, this robot destroys just as much of the school as Sunset did as a she-demon in the first movie. So it’s not like he won’t be forgiven when this is all over anyway.

    Ok I changes my mind. This feels worse than evil Shimmy. Why did your giant robot toaster need lasers? What kind of breakfast doomsday device was he thinking of making? Rainbow Dash was almost Rainbow Dead if it wasn’t for her speed.

    No…really…I think we’re not taking Micro Chips seriously enough here. This was enough force to break a wall and send the girls flying out of it. Now I did have to rewind this scene to see if it was the girls flying through the wall, but the hole was already there before they were flung like video game doll physics. Otherwise, we at least know they have a bit of invincibility with their powers. I mean it’s not fully confirmed how much damage they can take, especially with Applejack’s power being super strength.

    And the force was even strong enough to fling Sunset’s necklace off turning her human again. Human…and very, very vulnerable. If this robot was more sentient, it could catch on and get rid of all the girls’ power. But let’s not give the mad genius any other ideas.

    Oh don’t try to fool us you nerdy ne’erdowell. You may look scared, but all you’re thinking is “oh geez I hope they don’t break my death machine. My war on balanced breakfast was just getting started.” But at least we got Flash trying to be useful for a change. And it’s not just completely for his own gain.

    So he also raps now. In front of Flash's jacket design/cutie mark. Was anybody expecting a rap breakdown? Because I sure as sugar wasn’t. But it didn’t stop me from laughing until my stomach ached. The beatnik got bars. It’s a step up from our…previous introduction to rap music…

    Power slide! Always on the checklist of rock star moves to use. I want to say Flash can be a fan of the infamous Tenacious D, but then I don’t know if I need to know he battled the devil in a rock off and won. That’s pushing it.

    Oh no. He’s gonna get crushed. Oh the horror. Oh the pain of losing a beloved character from the franchise. If I’m not being monotone enough, please let me know. But I am now curious what would happen to the pony version of Flash if the human version got crushed by a giant robot toaster. Would he just not be alive in human form? Would it kill his pony self? Would the pony version just feel a slight twinge in his chest that somewhere unknown a part of him faded away?
    Am I getting too deep for a music video featuring Flash Sentry? The answer to that, my friends, is a maybe.

    Sunset: “oh gosh he got me the same exact necklace I’m already magically wearing as a gift. How embarrassing.”

    Yeah I wasn’t gonna let a little animation error slip by. I’d lose my analytical skills badge that I keep next to my sarcasm badge and fangirl squealing badge.

    Ok no. We gotta stop! This is too much! You’re like 16 dude. Cut this Usher dancing in the rain out. There’s only so much I can make fun of with this scene. Was this even necessary? Are we sure his pony version isn’t actually Feather Bangs? Because I would believe it.

    So I guess in the instances of Sunset in this world, she has the same kind of power as pony Twilight when the Mane 6 use the Elements of Harmony. Visibly there’s nearly always a laser shooting from her like how they channel their powers into Sunset. Way to have something going for you other than plot convenient mind reading.

    So there’s a lot to absorb in this image. The toast is still alive somehow so that’s…concerning. Sci Twi giving advice to Micro Chips about the best way to maintain your doomsday device. Fluttershy still being a Disney Princess. RariJack still going on strong. And oh look. More bedroom eyes with Flash and Sunset. Why am I not surprised?
    Anyway, to wrap up, I did have to watch this a few times to tune out the craziness of the video to listen to the lyrics of the song. It’s not bad. I want to hope they wrote better in Rainbow Rocks, but for what it’s worth, it’s harmless. The autotune for Flash was more pop than rock for me and him trying to go full on Justin Bieber post-bowl cut hair was not really my style. The lyrics still feel a bit cringe in some spots, but mostly because there’s so much brag about how great and reliable Flash is. Still got to talk about this ship fuel going on here with Shimmy and Flash, but it’ll have to be at another time. There would be a lot to go over. I’ll probably alternate between music videos and EG shorts and I have no specific order, but I’m more than willing to take a look at requests if someone has a favorite video or song. No promises though. I’m too forgetful. That’s all for now. I gotta go spy on my toaster in case it gets any ideas of taking over breakfast.