• Daring Doubt - Episode Followup - AKA SAFARISHY 2020

    Truth be told, when it comes to Fluttershy episodes, I usually just fall into a whirlpool of focusing entirely on how ridiculously cute she is in every other scene.

    I promise not to do that too much.

    I'll resist the urge as much as possible.

    This will be a normal, completely informative followup.

    Nothing weird will happen a tall.

    You trust me right? 

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    Nine years and we never tried to translate this pony written language. I bet it actually is something. Some dude over at DHX or Topdraw put years of effort into carefully crafting a full letter system and vocabulary and we never bothered to dig deep enough, despite being that fandom that has come up with complex romantic interests for every single character in the show.

    Would Fluttershy still love you if she knew what your average human does to spiders?

    These cosplayers are a perfect representation of the levels of commitment people put into cosplay. You have the ones that go all out by swapping their butt tattoo and spending a fortune on ebay buying the exact materials and hat to match their favorite character, and you have some people like me who do it all last minute with a leftover can of yellow spraypaint from 10 years ago and a green bath robe that you found buried in your closet from when you were a kid that happens to be small enough to look like a tunic now.  Also a plastic pirate sword.

    That was the best Link cosplay ever. 

    When you FINALLY get a chance to really LAY INTO that writer in person who RUINED your fanfic by shipping the main character off with the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you are into! THE NERVE!

    Don't do this

    There isn't enough appreciation for the background artists that work on the show. That book store looks so wonderfully cozy. 

    When being a pony and standing in a pony line, its extra important to keep the tail down and everything covered up due to the whole mare eye level being at stallion butt level thing. Except in Rainbow Dash's case where she just bares all.

    Suspenders, beard, hat that originally was the "I'm a sophisticated creative" hat but has since turned into the "I'm a coffee shop hipster" hat, and bags under the eyes? Someone is a Game of Thrones fan.

    Obligatory butts and giant bows.

    We are at 10 images and I haven't done a single Fluttersplurge yet.

    I'm sorry but.

    I can't hold out any longer.

    I can't resist.

    Look at how god damn cute she is. All of the other characters are technically the same model, but none radiate pure uncorruptable adorableness like Flutterbutter here.

    I don't even know what it is. The big floofy mane? The adorably downturned expressive eyes?

    Even her smug expressions are cute. No eyes here, yet you just know the next wave of sugar is about to engulf you in a tsunami of yellow charm.

    Who could ever do anything at all to hurt her? You'd have the be the absolute most horrible pony in existence to harm Fluttershy in any way...



    Back in the old days of season 1, those earth pones would be handling the brushes and pickaxes with their mouths and be proud of it. They create entire celebrations around it.

    Equestrian Dentists everywhere are rebelling against the modern show for it's lack of tooth destruction.

    You can tell this episode was animated or boarded by someone else since the expressions aren't nearly as insane as a Trivial Pursuit or Dragon Dropped. If it was that team, Dashie's mouth would be double the size and her nose would be completely detached from her muzzle. Yeah, I'm being critical.

    On with the adventure! Right after we reveal our secret identity even though we were complaining about it almost being revealed just a few scenes ago!

    I usually have nothing to do with Instagram or "influencers". I don't really care about what food people are eating or what trip they are taking.


    If Fluttershy ever got herself a smarphone and signed up, I'd follow the hell out of her and upvote every single "feelin cute. Watching a pony eat a poisoned fruit. Might go to the hospital later idk "  and buy every dumb product she peddles.

    Even the bath water. 

    Technically, if you were to ask your average nature conservationist anything, the common house cat is by far the most deadly of all. Did you know somewhere around three billion birds are killed annually by little Princess here?

    See? EQD can be educational.

    Everyone complains about villains being redeemed in pony, but it's just further proof to me that Flutter here was secretly created in a lab to destroy Equestrian crime once and for all. How many has she converted to the good side over the years? Chrysalis is lucky she hasn't taken the full force of Fluttershy's love. Especially with the last few seasons showing off her propensity toward caring for bugs.

    Which brings me to my next topic:


    How do you take an already genetically engineered cute-bomb and turn it into a full blown heart attack inducing nuke? You dress her up in anything. Goth shy, Hipster Shy, Model Shy, Dangerous Mission Shy, it doesn't matter. If she wears something it's going to look good.

    And now we have Safari Shy.

    Yes indeed. As if I haven't fallen far enough down the center of the black hole that is this character, they decided to add yet another reason to make me love her.

    She doesn't take a bad picture. Even in that awkward surprise paparazzi shot where she was squinting when the flash surprised her, she looks cute.

    Just look at that sit. Somehow, it's cuter than all the others sitting around her. Like she just can't handle being less than perfect.

    Every pose is wonderful. Photo Finish had it 100% right.

    You'd have to be a real douchebag of a cartoon horse to do anything at all negative toward her. The lowest of the low on every tier list ever conceived by the fandom. An absolute monster who's only goal in life is to suck the joy out of everything you come in contact with. W O R S T  P O N Y material guaranteed.


    "Keep going..."

    I like that Withers here trips on literally nothing.

    I don't however like that this exists. At all. Those weird Human in Equestria Fluttershy ship fics I used to read never mentioned anything about flying jungle spiders.

    Is it still worth it?

    I'd live in a spider infested house with a spider web bed and run a spider care business for a day with Flutters~ 

    Speaking of being wrapped up, Daring Do is back in her favorite position

    Fortunately she still remembers that before season 3, she used her mouth for everything anyway, so this was just second nature.

    Did I recycle that one? I'm not stopping until you can taste the salt.

    "Woops, forgot my hat"

    It's minor but someone would complain if I didn't mention it. 

    Anyway, I've pretty much completely ditched the story at this point so lets get back on track.

    Flutters decides to be heroic, which is again, adorable.

    She needs to slip this thing on Discord next time they meet up for tea. Can you imagine all the weird stuff that dude keeps bottled up?

    Unfortunately they didn't put many points into her flight stat at character creation so dexterously dodging columns of lava doesn't really register.

    On the other hand, all of those points not spent in flight went straight to Charisma, so she has already fully charmed her most recent "Convert everypony to good" target and is saved anyway. Sometimes combat stats aren't always the answer!

    I'm looking at you D&D player #3,049,302 that has 3 CHA/WIS/INT and 18 STR/DEX/CON

    Yeah, that guy. The one that bashes the DC40 door with his 18 strength 12 times hoping for a nat 20 while the DM thinks of funny ways to punish him.

    Villains 101: The first thing you should do when trying to be deceptive is put on the amulet that disables your deception.

    I guess this counts as bat ponies for the season. If those season 10 comics don't have any I'm leaving the fandom.

    Convenient conflict ending plot device, go! Kinda like these followups where I always burn out at the 75% point and just wing the ending.

    These things are really cool though.

    "Following dreams of becoming an opera star"

    You do you man. My parents wanted me to be a business mogul billionaire that changes the world. Instead I run a My Little Pony website. We are all disappointments in the end. Embrace your opera and have fun.

    Not even an ancient monster temple guardian can escape the never-ending rat race that is the modern day job market.

    That is, until he publishes a book, makes millions, quits his crappy guardian job and builds a custom house on some beach somewhere.

    >Followup is 3 weeks late
    >Book collab with two middle-aged ex-villains
    >No one bothered to ship them in that time

    Fandoms ded.