• BronyScot Announces Lineup for RockNessie 2019

    BronyScot has a pretty rockin show planned for their convention this year. If you like the pony music, and plan to attend, head on down below for the details!

    BronyScot Announces Lineup for RockNessie 2019

    Ready for another night of Great Music? We know that we can’t wait to reveal to everyone who will be coming so without further ado, we would like to announce RockNessie 2019!

    We have great line up this year, but as with every year, we have Sketchy Sounds to play us in with his guitar to get us warmed up for the show.

    Up next we have Crusader coming over from America! With his upbeat and fun music, we are sure he’ll have you getting up and singing along.

    And as we move on to the bands of the night, we have Coltastrophe coming back to rock your socks off with a mixed set, filled with rock, metal and a special guest?

    We all know him and off the success of his album “ReImagine” and its love song to the fandom “Solidarity”, we have PrinceWhateverer coming up with a band to back him up to rock the stage!

    As we get late into the night we invite the DJs onto the stage, and we are happy to welcome BassPon3 with his set sure to be filled with his bouncy horse techno.

    And last, but certainly not least, we have another veteran of the fandom, Lavender Harmony! She’ll be sure to complete the night with a set filled with drum and bass to play us out.

    Like the sound of this set, we would love to see you all there on the 10th Nov to complete the weekend of events that BronyScot is running this year!

    Get your tickets from https://brony.scot/Tickets/

    And be sure to follow BronyScot on Facebook and Twitter to catch our announcements as they come out, and be sure to join us on our Telegram to join in the fun!

    About BronyScot & RockNessie: Based in Glasgow, Scotland, BronyScot will be running on the 9th November and RockNessie on 10th November 2019. Gathering fans and creators alike we have a packed schedule and a great after-party the night after. For more information, check out brony.scot!