• Sunset Shimmer Day Comes to a Close! - Misc Submissions

    Sunset Shimmer Day is officially over! We've got a bunch of miscellaneous submissions down below for categories we didn't have enough content for a compilation on.

    The next pony day is Pinkie Pie Day on October 7th! Feel free to start drawing for open art and stuff now. Send it to submit as PINKIE DAY - OPEN ART.

    Now get your misc stuff below.


    [Shipping][Sad] - Acceptance

    Sunset Shimmer shouldn't be here. She knows that and Twilight Sparkle knows that, but the latter won't admit it, resorting to ancient, dark magic to make life fair. Sunset must make Twilight see how much she is hurting herself by refusing to let Sunset Shimmer go and move on.

    [Sad] - Remembrance

    Sunset reflects on a rather dark time in her life after she finds her old leather jacket cleaning out her closet.