• Reminder: Background Pony Open Art and Season Finale Meetups!

    This is your halfway point reminder on getting submissions in for the two events we are currently running!

    First off is the Open art Even dedicated to underappreciated background ponies. All artistic skill levels welcome! The deadline is the 1st of October. Go draw them. Info over here:

    Open Art Event - Draw An Under-Appreciated Background Pony!

    And following that, closing on the 12th of October is the Season 9 Finale Meetup collection. The post will go up early and update until the 12th, so if you want to be in on the first wave, get your meetups in:

    Submit Your Friendship is Magic Season 9 Finale Meetup!

    We will most likely be doing another Halloween banner event this year too for anyone that wants to give graphic design a shot, so stay tuned for that!