• More Pony Music! It's Never Over

    I love all pony musicians and what they do so much, and it's once more a pleasure to share about all of the other lovely initiatives and musical endeavors that our community has been up to in the meantime. And I'll never get tired of expressing that love! Come take a listen at all those new releases!

    1. TheTaZe - Summer's Almost Over
    Instrumental - Lo-fi
    TheTaZe's take at Lo-fi, that is so tasty and blissful! Definitely a lot of potential for that genre there! Also check out TheTaZe's other recent release, his remix of Last Tempest!

    2. Djohn Mema & SteelChords - Horse Fame 101 (feat. Forest Rain & Whirlwind)
    Vocal - Rock
    Pony musicians friends having fun expressing opinions... along dank memes!

    3. Kadenza & Zero - Chaos (P@D Convention Trip 2019 Music Video)
    Instrumental - Melodic House
    This song is not new, but the video is! Listen to musical bliss along the recital of tender pony con feelings with a music video made by Faulty!

    4. Polarhigh - Found It!
    Instrumental - Soundtrack
    This very cute song is matching the scene of the cover art so well!

    5. Toby Macarony - Surprise
    Instrumental - Alternative Electronic
    A progressive and upbeat theme song for the one and only Surprise, also known as Pinkie's predecessor, courtesy of Toby!

    6. Nyancat380 - Drowned Soul In A Fake Dreams Of Hope
    Instrumental - Chiptune
    Nyancat380 is probably getting the trophy for most active pony musician at the moment! Check out all of his other recent releases, gnikcit_si_kcolc_eht, Рождественский коммунизм, and Drowned Soul In A Deep Forest (Story Of The Blanks Tribute)!

    7. Doodled - brony_rappers.egg
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    Doodled is imitating the vocal style of many other pony rappers in this, and it's amazing!

    8. Zephysonas - Steam Innovation
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Zephysonas' newest composition is brimming with Steampunk vibes! Making way through Fire and Brimstone, it's time to Fly on the Wings of Steam!

    9. loophoof - We Will (ROKII Remix)
    Instrumental - House
    A refined and beautiful remix by ROKII who gives their own spin on loophoof's cuddly musical style!

    10. StrachAttack - Dusk VIP
    Instrumental - Drumstep/Drum & Bass
    StrachAttack blowing us away again, with a VIP of Dusk!

    11. Blackened Blue - Time To Go
    Vocal - Metal
    A personal catharsis song by Blackened Blue who went all-out using the power of rock music!

    12. Silva Hound & StrachAttack - Punk Rocks (feat. Namii) (Chang31ing Edit)
    Vocal - Electro House
    A much welcome alternate version of the memorable and catchy masterpiece from P@D Skyward!

    13. Vylet Pony - Diaries I Kept (feat. Namii)
    Vocal - Indie Pop
    Upbeat, cute, comfy all the way! Another story-centered gem from Love Letters: Colourless, featuring the vocal talents of Namii.

    14. Morphmoon - I Like Fast
    Instrumental - Synthwave
    Synthwave that definitely has a Need For Speed flavor!

    15. Game-BeatX14 - Never Over
    Instrumental - Trance
    A very lovely song expressing Game-BeatX14's feelings about the community! That title has it right!

    16. ֆաǟɢɢ ɮʀօռɨɨ - Fluttershy's Yay Song
    Instrumental - Trap
    Some very interesting melodic Flutterchops in this one! Check out ֆաǟɢɢ ɮʀօռɨɨ's other recent releases, Grogar's Theme, In Our Town, and Picture Me!

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!