• Fight For Equestria Music: Forest Rain - The End of the World [Power Metal]

    A momentous release, this new concept album from community veteran Forest Rain is providing some more inspiration to keep fighting for Equestria, that is to say to keep spreading Equestrian values in our world!! And with so many of us sticking with the herd forever, and many new bronies joining too, I just know we'll keep embodying what makes us special as a community. Get many of Forest Rain's feelings expressed with the power of rock music in this incredible story-centered album that follows a state of war in an imagined Equestria... Hidden meanings, emotional vocals, lovely pony lyrics, powerful guitar riffs, doomsday organ, epic story-telling, are all part of this brand new album that is available in full on YouTube here and also on Bandcamp here (including as physical CDs!). Give it up for Forest Rain and all the guests who contributed!! And don't forget: it's up to us to keep living in color!!