• Fanfic Album: Viricide Filly - This Place Will Never Let Me Leave [Experimental/Dream House]

    A companion album to Viricide's highly anticipated album "Yet Sightless" that just came out as well (and that will get its own solo post), this release under the noise.horse label has its own share of wonders to show, with the musical pioneering and experimental exploration that the musician is known for! The album will take you through the roads less travelled, and will make for an experience like no other! I gotta love Viricide's dedication and creativity so much!! Check out the description of the YouTube upload of the full album to read about the deep and meaningful story behind it! It's so poetic and well written, just as good as a fanfic!
    Download the album from noise.horse's Bandcamp here, or listen to it via the YouTube upload of the full album on noise.horse's channel here.