• AliCon in Australia is Returning for 2020

    Anyone over in Australia now has another AliCon to attend for 2020. After a bigger showing this year than their last, they've decided to keep the trend going.

    Dates and general other informing are still forthcoming. For now, get a short presser below announcing their grand return.

    Press Release:

    We are excited to announce AliCon 2020!

    Next year’s event will be a 3 day convention full of pony fun! More
    details will be released over the coming weeks, so be sure to keep your
    eyes on our website and social media pages for further updates.

    Get ready, everypony! This is going to be huge!

    Website: https://www.aliconmlp.com/
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/AliConMLP/
    Twitter: @AliConMLP - https://twitter.com/AliConMLP/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/uhuAWgG/
    Email: info@aliconmlp.com