• The New #ThankYouJim and #ThankYouBigJim Hashtags!

    As most of you know by now, the rest of the season has officially released in the Netherlands. With that, came some trollin and attacks on the show staff. Director Big Jim Miller in particular was hit pretty hard with death threats and a host of other nastyness, so he was forced to lock his Twitter account.

    This has sparked a massive campaign to thank him for all the awesome work he did for us over the last decade. #ThankYouJim and #ThankYouBigJim are what you want to use on your preferred social media platform. While it's primarily a Twitter thing, feel free to do it wherever your hashtags work.

    Lets show Jim and all of the other people at DHX and Hasbro that we appreciate their motivation to take a show that could have been another terribad toy commercial toward a place where it ended up being one of the greatest of our time.