• STARLIGHT Music: Tw3Lv3 - Starlight's Dream (feat. ShobieShy) [Hip Hop]

    The kind of things that I love to see so much in the community, this wonderful initiative from ShobieShy pays much tribute to his beloved Starlight. Borrowing the beat from Tw3Lv3's previously released (and posted) Starlight-themed masterpice Starlight's Dream, the passionate musician is rapping about Starlight's point of view, story, feelings, and character depth, from her guilt to her gratitude about finding a new accepting home and mentor in Twilight and much more inbetween, and that with so much heart and talent, that you can feel in his voice. I got to meet ShobieShy at BronyCon and he's such an amazing and cuddly person, and his dedication to Starlight is a must-see, I'll always remember that sweater fully covered with Starlight pictures, and all the Starlight keychains and merch too! Such passion toward a character, expressed again wonderfully in this rapping performance, is definitely part of the core of our community and I'll never stop expressing my appreciation and gratitude for it, and promoting it as much as I can for other fans to see and potentially relate to. All for Her!