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    Headlines this week:

    • Fandom Dramas getting out of hand
    • Equestria Girls: Holiday Special?
    • HTESH: The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
    • Pony Influence

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    Fandom Dramas getting out of hand
    By MetalSonicX

    I'm quite sick tired of the dramas in the fandom. I thought we got over that, but it seems that I was wrong. The episode 2,4,6,Greeeat was universally panned by the fandom, but while I do agree it was pretty bad myself, I've seen that the drama out of it is quite getting out of hand. I've seen a lot of people screaming things like "it's the end! The show is ruined!" or "writers don't care anymore! They killed the series!" and things like that. I.... think that's quite exagerrated for one bad episode, especially when it's not really the first bad episode ever got.

    Maybe it's just the fact that with this being the final season, a dud like that could have been easely avoided, and I can agree with that. I won't deny that I was the first one who wished for the final season being free from duds, and I was disappointed when that episode happened and broke the perfect record. But even so, even considering the sole S9 itself, I think it's quite exagerrated to dramatize about one bad episode out of 15 (or 20 if you watched and enjoyed all the early releases like me). I think fans should really check their priorities....

    Equestria Girls: Holiday Special?
    By: Astral Phoenix

    Okay, so recently we had quite an unexpected surprise. It appears despite Nick Confalone’s tweet stating that “Sunset’s Backstage Pass” is the final special for Season 2 we’re apparently getting a third Equestria Girls special after all, a Holiday Special no less. Many of us are asking how there could be a third special after that, well I have three ideas on this:

    1. This holiday special is Not! Part of the season, just like Best Gift Ever, but is still part of the continuity.

    2. Nick Confalone may not be the writer for this particular special.

    3. This special is produced by Boulder Media. Possibly been in-production along with “Rainbow Roadtrip”.

    If I had to pick which one of the three could be the most legitimate out of them, I’d say, Number 1. After all, we had Best Gift Ever as its own special so they could do a similar route with EqG a special that’s technically not part of a season. I could also include that Nick may not have written this special either but it’s hard to be sure at this moment.

    HTESH: The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
    By: FlareGun45

    Time for another session of "How this episode shoulda been", or was the last word "happened"? I don't quite remember the name completely of the mini-series. For today, we're gonna talk about: The One In Pinkie Pie's Nose!

    It was quite a fun episode, not really many problems in there! I mean yeah there wasn't really a friendship moral, but that's no biggie. This episode served more of the prologue to the season 6 premiere, and Cadance's pregnancy to Flurry Heart! But what bummed me about this episode is that the climax came at the beginning. Pinkie shoulda kept the secret of the baby from us, the viewers, too! Like Pinkie gasps at the note and says how excited she is, but she doesn't give away the answer, and then Mrs. Cake says how much it's a secret. Then we get subtle hints throughout the episode, like how Shining and Cadance are gonna show up, and then there'll be glimpses of the crib store and scavenger hunt and everything, and of course it seemed that the answer was quite obvious at that point, but then the climax would be at the very end of the episode, at the Foal Shower, with Shining and Cadance revealing the news!

    So yeah basically, the only thing I'd think would make this episode better is just delaying the news from us, so we the viewer can be held in suspense too! Of course we wouldn't understand what Pinkie was going through cause she's keeping the secret, but I believe that's what coulda made this episode better! Also.... maybe Spike being more involved - seriously I still can't believe it took until Sparkle's Seven for Spike to be involved with the Sparkle family (his family), he coulda been excited for being an uncle.

    Pony influence

    Did you ever ask yourself how many people actually watch this show? We all know that fans like us usually do say and admit and make themselves active in one way or another but that might be just scratching the surface. What I mean by that is that I think that there are far more people out there that do not admit to watching the show than there are fans that do. Most of them will never admit to watching it or maybe simply never bring it up but there is something that still gives up hints here and there. Language itself. I noticed that quite a few youtubers started using the words cozy and golly after the episode with Cozy Glow aired last year. Was that a coincidence? Maybe. Moving on to the even more surprising thing. After Rainbow Roadtrip aired, there was a sudden need from a few youtubers that had nothing to to with ponies to use the word kerfuffle. We all know people like Gabe Newel that are fans but they maybe admitted to that just once because they don't want to make a big deal out of it. They just enjoy the show and that's it. Others may hide it because they need to maintain a certain appearance and ponies won't help with that at all. So what do you think? Is there a big conspiracy around hiding the fact that a lot more popular people are watching ponies or is it just me?

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