• "Coming Home at BronyCon" Music: Loudsdale - Take to the Skies [Rock]

    Luck Rock and DoTheDaringDew, thank you so so much for this!! The rocking and lovely duo teamed up as Loudsdale once more for this song that made me tear up as I got to listen to it while on the plane on my way to BronyCon 2019. The melodies on the keyboards are expressing so much love and cuddliness, the rocking guitar riffs and drums are bringing so much energy, and the utterly lovely and cute vocals are expressing all those sweet feelings through the thoughtful lyrics so well!! I'm incredibly honored and humbled that you guys made this song for me as a surprise. Thank you guys, so so much... And thank you Wenni for the so cute cover art featuring my OC too!
    Also by the way everypony, I'm back from BronyCon and it was the best weekend of my life! My first pony con ever! I wrote a 13-pages article about the experience that I had and giving shout-outs to people I met too, if anypony's interested!