• 40 Awesome Cosplays for Twilight Day!

    I always did love the idea of a mage Twilight Sparkle. Regular Princess and Principal was not at all what I was expecting.

    Cosplay time! Get some awesome ones of Twilight below.

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    TWILIGHT SPARKLE - DARK MAGE by JinxKittieCosplay

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    Twilight Sparkle Q-Con Cosplay by LadyDraconic

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    Matsuricon My Little Pony Future Twilight Sparkle by Swoz

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    Twilight Sparkle by Lilium666

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    MLP: FiM - Twilight Sparkle by Chocoburu

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    Edward Meet Twilight Sparkle by Paladin0

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    Twilight Sparkle by PosiTori

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    Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle by FukitsuLine

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    MLP: Twilight Sparkle loves books by MandyNeko

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    Twilight Sparkle by Shiera13

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    Twilight by daniL-nd

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    Twilight Princess by residentexorcist

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    Twilight Sparkle by Lady-I-Hellsing

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    Princess of Friendship - Twilight Sparkle by CallOfFateAndDestiny

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    mlp - twilight sparkle by klytae

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    Twilight Sparkle by Shiera13

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    Twilight Sparkle- Preview by rumRei

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    Twilight Sparkle: COMPLETE! by rumRei

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    Twilight Sparkle by Lucius-Scarlet

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    Twilight Sparkle, photo 04 by Horror-Scarred

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    Canterlot Wondercolt Twilight Sparkle Cosplay by KrazyKari

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    Twilight Sparkle, photo 09 by Horror-Scarred

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    Twilight Sparkle by Lady-I-Hellsing

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    Twilight Sparkle humanized version, My Little Pony by Horror-Scarred

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    Twilight Sparkle by Lissinater

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    Sparkle and Dash by dashcosplay

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    MLP:FiM - Princess Twilight Sparkle by Eli-Cosplay

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    Twilight Sparkle MLP by ScarlettCosplay

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    Twilight Sparkle Cosplay II by AshiviAlpha

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    WORKING by Lilium666

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    (Old) Riley as Sailor Twilight Sparkle by ThePonyMasters

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    Twilight Sparkle of My Little Pony: Equestria Girl by jhay-hisuka

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    At the Gala by rosieru-chan

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    Teacher and Student by Chochomaru

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    I Used to Wonder What Friendship Could Be by zombielily

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    New Spell! by SinystraSunshine

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    Purple and Magic by FukitsuLine

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    Contrast by WhiteSpringPro

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    MLP:FiM Humanized [1] by Alchemist-L

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    (MLP) Twilight Sparkle the Book Nerd Cosplay by KrazyKari

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    Where is it...? by Lilium666