• Pony Community Soapbox #146 - Creepy Bronies, Celestial Removal, and More!

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    Headlines this week:

    • Will Spike Take Luna's Throne? 
    • A Problem in the fandom
    • The Meaning of Rainbow Roadtrip
    • Celestia Must Go
    • Will the Finale be a 2 Parter, 3 Parter, or 4 Parter?

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    Will Spike take Luna's throne?
    By: FlareGun45

    One last shot into the breach, my friends! One last guess at Spike's destiny! This should be a good one, cause he's STILL with Twilight, and still.... an assistant to a respect, but more equal, and have more of a final say, and this'll give him his due!

    Twilight is taking Celestia's throne, and we know her friends will be there... but full time? They have their own lives to live, so they'll probably only be with her part-time. Spike's the only one who'll be there full-time, and let's face it, Twilight wouldn't be a good ruler alone without help! That's why the best solution, I believe: Spike should take Luna's place, and be the co-ruler of Equestria right along side Twilight! Spike probably wouldn't do a good job alone either... but together.... they can even surpass Celestia and Luna's teamwork!

    One important thing about Spike that hasn't happened in the show: proving that the Mane 6 NEED him! Which is what his heroic role in the finale could be! Like, Spike and Twilight have a huge fight (which hasn't happened yet for some reason), and therefore after talking to friends like Starlight and the CMCs, he decides to leave, but after a self-discovery journey, he comes back, maybe with Grogar's legion who tried to betray Grogar but failed so they flee, and together, with other supporting cast, they unite Equestria and all her allies, and together, defeat Grogar! EVERYONE is the hero of the finale, but lead by Spike, and Spike's reward: Luna's throne! Spike gets his due, and he's still with Twilight, leading Equestria to peace and harmony! THAT would be the perfect ending! Spike and Luna have alot in common - both the underdogs of a duo, but their older "sibling" would be nothing without them! Maybe that's what Sparkle's 7 was foreshadowing!

    Now even though he never asked for a destiny, sometimes destiny FINDS YOU! ;) That includes you too, reading this! You too have a destiny, even if you don't see it yet! :)

    A Problem in the Fandom
    By: Mussy

    Can we talk a little about some of the creeps in the fandom? I dont want to shine a light on it, but at the same time inaction just leads to more of the same. I think its about time we got together and made it very clear that its not acceptable in our fandom. Far too many bronies are willing to fall on the sword of a popular brony who gets caught being a pest, and it makes us all look bad when it happens. We need to call it out and oust people who do it. Otherwise, we are all just gonna be watching as more and more of them are leaked and more people come forward with horrible stories of what happened to them. Please, for the sake of this fandom, lets do our part and fix this problem together.

    The meaning of Rainbow Roadtrip
    By: indiana

    This is not the special that we expected but it is certainly the special that we needed. This one is an odd one because it was met with mixed feelings ranging anywhere from boredom to love. So what went wrong? That's not the question I want to answer because I loved it so instead I will ask: What went right? The people who got bored were probably expecting action and a villain. You know, the usual predictable but still fun stuff. Surprise, surprise it was anything but that. Just a slice of life with a deep meaning that showed us what we have been taking for granted for all these years. We got so used to seeing these ponies with colors that we sometimes forget how important color is in our lives. We forget how the world looks like without them. This special showed exactly that. The addition of grim and boredom served as a careful reminder that the world out there is just like that in many places. It's things like this show that make our existence vibrant and worth living to it's fullest. And as the ponies of Rainbow town, we can also choose to have a grim or a colorful life. I don't know about you but I loved colors since I was a little child and will always keep going forward on this bright road. The rainbow road.

    For Twilight’s Arc to be Complete, Celestia Must Go
    By: Eclipse_12

    First of all, I would like to open this soapbox by making it clear that I have nothing against Celestia and that I like her character as a ruler who also knows how to have fun and who has kept on improving herself over a thousand years of reign, and that I am aware that due to the nature of the show my idea could probably never happen. However, I think that for Twilight to be ready to fulfill her destiny by becoming the new ruler of Equestria, Celestia must be taken out of the picture.

    Throughout her life, Twilight has seen Celestia as a “second mother” and has relayed deeply on her whenever she is having problems or is in doubt. Even when Celestia has been captured or has disappeared, Twilight has taken this as an additional motivation to step in and save Equestria, as not doing so would mean that she has failed Celestia and that she will never see her again. For this reason, it would be very interesting to have Twilight experience loss for the first time only to come back stronger from it, as Applejack did after her own tragedy, as it would make her more mature and put her in a situation in which she is forced to keep her emotions in check to become the leader that Celestia would have wanted her to be, in order to bring ponies and other creatures together to save Equestria in its darkest hour.

    Will the Finale be a 2 parter, a 3 parter or even a 4 parter?!
    By: Southieo

    As of writing this, this question has been bugging me since they announced season 9. How many parts will the finale of MLP be? For one, I think it's going to be a normal 2 parter. On the other hand, they might pull a fast one on us and make it a 3 parter. The odds of them making it a 4 parter would be low but wouldn't that be amazing! I feel like three would be the perfect number. Part 1 for the legion of villain. Part 2 on the ponies, and lastly one on everyone.