• Pony Community Soapbox #145 - Twilight's Leadership, MLP Game Microtransactions are Terrible, Series Finale, and More!

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    Headlines this week:

    • Theory about the series finale
    • Is Twilight REALLY fit for leading Equestria?
    • Micro-transactions in the Gameloft Game are Ridiculous
    • Kerfluffle is THE CUTE!

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    Is Twilight REALLY fit for leading Equestria?
    By: FlareGun45

    So after watching Between Dark and Dawn, you can tell how much Twilight was struggling to be a Princess of Equestria. EVEN with her friends there! So my question for today is: is Twilight really fit to be Princess of Equestria?

    Yunno what Twilight's main problem truly is? Her ego. She makes it all about her - always having the final say. She barely listens. That's what her problem was in Between Dark and Dawn, when even half her friends knew what to do about the swanning party thing! She also barely listens to Spike until the very end of the episode. Yunno what? We kinda have it all wrong. Twilight's not the one looking after Spike - HE'S looking after HER! He's her legal guardian basically! Just imagine her life without him! Please, DHX, I hope that's an episode!

    Twilight always means well, and thinks about the good of Equestria, but she still has alot to learn, and Celestia and Luna giving their jobs to Twilight.... it's still not quite understandable WHY they'd give the job to her! But then again, Celestia and Luna barely do anything, so... yeah, maybe Twilight is fit for the job after all! XD

    But if she really deserves to be the Princess of Equestria, she needs to fix her main problem: not listening to her friends instead of just having the final say, listen to THEIR perspectives and THEIR wants and needs. That's her problem - instead of constantly having episodes about losing a title to something.

    Theory about the series finale
    By MetalSonicX

    I've thought something about how the final battle in the series finale might go. Twilight might lead an army to defeat Grogar, and now I'll explain why I'm doing this speculation: in A Flurry of Emotions, Twilight was telling the tale of how Gusty the Great defeated him in past. According to it, she led an army of faithful Unicorn warriors to get to him and stealing his bell. By knowing this, I think it's easy to guess that it will be the same for Twilight, but with a difference: she will led an army of various creatures (Dragons, Hippogriffs, Griffons, Changelings and Yaks), not just ponies. All the creatures she brought together will help her in this final battle, working together to defeat the ultimate villain of Equestria, and I must say, for a series finale, it's fitting.

    Micro-transactions in the Gameloft Game are Ridiculous
    By: Seifer

    I could complain all day about the current state of gaming, but nothing irks me more than when the streams cross on two of my favorite things. The Gameloft My Little Pony game is a complete and utter disgrace of corporate greed. If you truly wanted to collect all of the ponies and do all of the content, it would cost 10k+ easily, or several decades of grinding. This game isn't worth anywhere near this. There are fully fledged city builders out there with a $30 price tag for everything, player mods, hundreds of models, and loads of support, yet we get screwed with this joke of a "game" that barely has anything yet costs a fortune to "play".

    I wish this fandom took place back in the golden age of gaming. It's only a matter of time before we hit another ET level crash, and garbage like this is EXACTLY what will cause it.

    Kerfluffle is THE CUTE!
    By: FlareGun45

    Kerfluffle is the cutest pony in Rainbow Roadtrip! She has big dreams, and she's very enthusiastic! She's one of the few ponies in town that's not entirely grey, if yunno what I mean! But what I like about her best is that I can relate to her! She has big ideas, but not always enough confidence to really get in the zone! Rarity did just that!

    She's so adorable, I don't even notice her peg-leg! She's just too adorable! It's too bad it doesn't show enough screentime of her, and we're seeing more of the Hoofingtons, and the mayor and the other girl I forget her name, but ehh who cares about them? Kerfluffle's the true star of Rainbow Roadtrip! Why would I say that if she didn't do much? BECAUSE I SAID SO! She has an awesome talent and puts alota heart into her stuff! I just wish I had more of the confidence to really get into the zone myself in turns of my writing and film career. I need to find my Rarity! Yunno... my idol I mean. Jeezums... if only it wasn't the end of the show, she coulda came back in the future!

    I know this wasn't much compared to my previous soapboxes, but I just want everyone to know that KERFLUFFLE IS SO CUTE!!!! Imagine her as a batpony! YES! Fanart please!