• More Pony Music! Remixes, Orchestral, Lo-fi!

    We've got some epic stuff from talented musicians in this roundup once more, so check it out to see more of what the pony music scene has been up to! And see you at BronyCon! This will be my first time attending a pony convention and my first time flying overseas too. A dream coming true! I've been daydreaming about attending BronyCon and getting to be around so many of my brothers and sisters, pretty much ever since I became a brony! Yes, you are all family to me  If you spot someone seeming like they're so raring to give love to everypony around, come for a hug! 

    1. Jyc Row - Sonic Rainboom
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Inspired by Rainbow Dash in the movie, this was made in 1 hour only, and it definitely shows Jyc's talent!

    2. Event HoriXZ0n - Variations of "Hush Now Quiet Now" in C
    Instrumental - Piano Solo
    Event HoriXZ0n is back with an incredible piano rendition of the classic Hush Now Lullaby!

    3. Ditherer - Story of the Blanks
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    Ditherer rapping for ponies with charismatic talent and passion once again!

    4. sleepy toaster - Changes VIP
    Vocal - Melodic Dubstep
    The sequel to the track with delightful use of pony vocal samples that was previously posted, this VIP amps up the game with new additions, and look out for more Rainbow Dash shenanigans at the end of the video!

    Note: Since the original video got deleted, you may find the MP3 file of the song here.

    5. Tw3Lv3 - You can't let one bad apple make you think you failed
    Instrumental - Lo-fi
    Tw3Lv3's new foray into Lo-fi is as blissful as expected, and listening to it feels like spending quality time with our beloved Silverstream!

    6. Daniel Ingram - The Pony I Want to Be (Cyan Lightning Remix)
    Vocal - House
    New remix by Cyan Lightning, new classy and regal arrangement, that would fit very well in a playlist for Canterlot atmospheres!

    7. John Jennings Boyd, Lisette Bustamante & Nick Confalone - Invisible (Rod Steven Remix)
    Vocal - Eurobeat
    The most active Eurobeat remixer in the community right now, Rod Steven paid tribute to Wallflower Blush from EQG Forgotten Friendship this time!

    8. Zephysonas - Aerial Battle
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    An epic musical accompaniment to the very artistic artwork by xxiee in the video, this new piece by master Zephysonas part of the new Dragon Heart album has strong OST vibes and such a rich composition!

    9. Toby Macarony - Thunderlane
    Instrumental - Alternative Electronic
    Toby made a stop at AC/DC's while on the way to the Wonderbolts Academy, and it shows in this new piece for Thunderlane that covers that famous guitar melody from AC/DC's classic song Thunderstruck!

    10. Axiom - Fade Away
    Instrumental - Progressive House
    A cute and bouncy track from Axiom!

    11. sleepy toaster - We're going home
    Instrumental - Chillout
    Quite a reflective piece from sleepy toaster that feels very special!

    Note: Since the original video got deleted, you may find the MP3 file of the song here.

    12. The Pulse Wave Project - GalaCon
    Vocal - Synthpop
    A lovely anthem for GalaCon that Pulse Wave wrote with love!
    No YouTube upload, check it out on Soundcloud or Pony.fm. More details here.

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