• Equestfold: Reignited Fears is available

    Looks like the Equestfold series is getting a reboot according to the creators! If you're a fan of the Equestfold series you'll now have something to play today!

    Get all the new information after the break.

    Equestfold: Reignited Fears is the total reboot of all franchise. It doesn't have any relation with previous Equestfolds.

    Returned to Horror roots, the game develops own vision on the horror genre. Inspired by Price of Fear and cartoonish horror games, Equestfold: Reignited Fears save balance between both aspects.

    Note: Equestfold is one of the alternate timelines of Dark Equestria. In Dark Equestria, there isn't dividing on races. That's why Fluttershy doesn't have wings, still cutie marks, and their importance has saved.

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