• EQDs Guide to MLP at SDCC 2019 - Exclusives, Events, and More!

    Comic-Con International: San Diego is upon us once again. And once again, Equestria Daily is here to bring you the guide to all things My Little Pony!

    Starting on Today, attendees at Comic-Con international will be able to get their hands on My Little Pony Exclusives, see My Little Pony Panels—wait that's Friday—Get autographs and sketches from IDW My Little Pony Comic artists, and visit Hasbro's SDCC booth to take in all the MLP SDCC Goodness.

    You'll find the information to your SDCC MLP Loot after the break! And as always, when Equestria Daily is present, expect to see updates throughout the con!

    My Little Pony—EXCLUSIVES

    My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle 2-pack
    Company: Hasbro, Inc.
    Booth # 3213
    Price: $20.00

    Discover and display a beloved MY LITTLE PONY character in 2 exciting forms: 1980s-inspired TWILIGHT figure and 2019 TWILIGHT SPARKLE figure! Through the Years collectible pack features 2 iterations of this favorite My LITTLE PONY characters, each in a unique 3-inch style. TWILIGHT figure has a shimmering, pearlized treatment and 80s-inspired styling. Pack also includes 3-inch TWILIGHT SPARKLE figure inspired by her current look in MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC entertainment. 2019 TWILIGHT SPARKLE figure has rooted hair with bang and ametallic cutie mark. For the first time, new and longtime MY LITTLE PONY FANS can collect a TWILIGHT SPARKLE figure alongside the original-inspiration for her character! Deluxe retro-themed packaging makes a great display case for this special edition convention exclusive. Available at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 and on Hasbro Pulse following the convention. 

    My Little Pony: Classics Majesty
    Company: Basic Fun
    Booth # 1034
    Price: $19.99

    My Little Pony—PANEL SCHEDULE


    Title: IDW Publishing: The Next 20 Years
    Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
    Room: 9
    Description: The past is prologue! IDW's 20th anniversary celebrations lead here—setting the course for the next 20 years of comics and more. IDW editor-in-chief John Barber leads a lively panel looking behind the scenes at what's coming next and how they're getting there, featuring New York Times bestselling author Delilah Dawson, Surfside Girls's Kim Dwinell, and more favorites—plus top secret panelists talking mind -blowing new projects. All this and a no-holds-barred Q&A!

    NOTE: This is IDW's big panel for SDCC. If there will be comic news related to MLP, it will very likely be here.

    Title: The Toys That Made Us
    Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
    Room: 6A
    Description: The minds behind the smash-hit Netflix series The Toys That Made Us are back with their signature brand of insight, wit, and unadulterated love of all things toys! What does the future hold for the continuing series about the toys that we all know? Hear from show creator Brian Volk-Weiss, eP Robin Henry, producer Richard Mayerik, editor Nick Ferrell, and production manager Jackie Palombo, and get an exclusive look athead, along with a peek behind the curtain of season 3.

    NOTE: Season 3 of The Toys That Made Us will contain an episode dedicated to My Little Pony.


    Title: Fandom of My Litle Pony: Friendship is Magic. Beginning of the End?
    Time: 8:00pm - 9:00pm
    Room: Grand 10 & 11, Marriot Marquis San Diego Marina
    Description: Hasbro has announced that the 4th generation of the My Little Pony franchise will come to an end after nine seasons on television, a feature film, the spinoff Equestria Girls, and more. Andy "FableCharm" Reyes (vice chair, BABSCon), Francis "Checkers" Fernandez (podcaster, Sincere Sarcasm), Jeffrey "ACRacebest" Best (Bronies React), Patrick "Lance" Ramirez (co-organizer, SoCal Bronies), Scott "Thornwing" Kinnersley (2019 chair, Everfree Northwest), and Shane "Sketchy" Phillips discuss the fandom of the show, with a West Coast focus. Moderated by James Udan (coordinator, San Diego Wikimedians User Group).


    Title: IDW: Comics for Kids!
    Time: 10:30am - 11:30am
    Room: 23ABC
    Description: Ever wonder what it takes to make an all-ages comic? Ever want to try your hand at making your own? Kim Dwinell (Surfside Girls), James Kochalka (Johnny Boo), Sam Maggs (Marvel Action: Captain Marvel, My Little Pony), Jarod Rosello (Red Panda and Moon Bear), Evan Stanley (Sonic the Hedgehog), and IDW Publishing present a behind-the-scenes look at how your favorite comics are made. It's sure to be a morning full of fun activities, secret surprises, and much, much more! And bonus: a free comic for every kid in attendance!


    Signing Session: My Little Pony
    Company: IDW Publishing
    Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm 
    Booth #: 2743
    • Tony Fleecs (MLP Comic Artist/Writer)
    • Sara Richard (MLP Comic Artist)
    • Thom Zahler (MLP Comic Cover Artist/Writer)

    My Little Pony—Company Exhibitors

    Hasbro Exhibitors
    • Hasbro Toy Shop—Booth # 3329
    • Hasbro, Inc.—Booth # 3213
    Licensed Exhibitors
    • Abrams—Booth # 1216
    • Basic Fun, Inc.—Booth # 1034
    • Diamond Comic Distributors—Booth # 2401
    • Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles, LLC—Booth # 2607
    • Entertainment Earth—Booth # 2343
    • Hachette Book Group—Booth # 1116
    • IDW Publishing—Booth # 2729
    • Kotobukiya— Booth # 3249
    • Toynk—Booth # 4437 & 815
    • Viz Media—Booth #2813
    • For Fans By Fans—Booth # 1316

    My Little Pony—IDW Artist Locations

    Artist Alley
    • Katie Cook (MLP Comic Artist/Writer)—Table # H-17
    • Agnes Garbowska (MLP Comic Artist)—Table # D-1
    • Sara Richard (MLP Comic Artist)—Table # A-21
    Exhibitor Tables
    • Maerkle Press (Thom Zahler [MLP Comic Artist/Writer])—Table # 2000
    • Amy Mebberson (MLP Comic Artist)—Table # 5000
    Small Press Pavilion
    • Mary Bellamy (MLP Comic Cover Artist)—Table # N04