• D'LIRIUM Game - Loads of Updates

    The grimdark pony 2D Shooter D'LIRUM has had a whole host of new updates added since we last reported on it. From new modes to custom characters and an armada of new general gameplay additions and it's making a ton of progress this year.

    Head on down below for a full bullet list, as well as links to in-depth explanations for each new patch.

    New patch posts:

    Beta 2 (Cut version 1)
    Beta 2 (Cut version 2) 
    Beta 3

    Store page
    Soundtrack page

    • Arcade mode
    • Total statistics
    • Custom maps
    • Steam Workshop support
    • Custom characters
    • 2 new runes: "Protection" and "Vision"
    • 2 new melee weapons: knife and needles
    • Weapon modifiers
    • Fixed object shaking when using dynamic camera
    • Using "restart" command is now considered cheating
    • Fireball can now be destroyed mid-air by using
    • Player now splatters blood when hurt physically
    • Improved quality of some of the sounds
    • New visual and sound effects when player gets consumed by Darkness
    • Added uncomfortable screen flickering to Personal Hell
    • You can choose classical HUD visualization of player's physical condition
    • Save game previews now display rune effects and player health condition
    • New optimized save system
    • Minor fixes in arcade mode
    • Some sounds have been changed
    • Darkness generation conditions in personal hell have been changed
    • Changed, how Darkness interacts with player in personal hell
    • Game code have been optimized
    • Unused resources have been removed in order to decrease the size of the game on hard drive
    • Fixed crash on custom map launch if dmap was deleted
    • Save system has been changed
    • New manes and tails for custom characters
    • Ability to have two-tone wings
    • After character reset their image will update immediately
    • Fixed manual input of the RGB palette for custom characters
    • Custom character format have been changed
    • Added ability to delete custom characters right in the list with the key
    • Fixed display of the list of the characters after their removal
    • Fixed display of the list of maps after their removal
    • Fixed appearing of Ada’s portrait in the maniac state during immortality
    • More music in arcade mode
    • Added ability to load several maps at once in Steam Workshop
    • Added ability to load your own characters in Steam Workshop
    • Added secret areas and save points on the level “Steam Machine”
    • Fixed player slowdown when flying above the conveyor
    • Added “Random Run” in arcade mode
    • Added “Death Run” in arcade mode
    • In Default Run now there is no binding of music to certain level
    • Fixed delay between music segments in arcade mode
    • Added separate volume settings for sound FX and music
    • Fixed minor flaws on the levels
    • Fixed flaws in the main menu
    • In arcade mode with a chance from 1 to 25 Lanterns now can spawn on any level (including Custom levels) instead of regular enemies
    • Changed sound and music volume settings
    • Fixed game crash when specifying “nothing” during the manual adjustment of the color of the character
    • Fixed bug with infinite player immortality when going to another level with protection rune
    • Updated credits
    • Fixed incorrect counting of some statistics in arcade mode
    • New achievements!