• BronyCon Schedule Has Been Released!

    It's finally here everyone! The big list of events, panels and everything fun for Bronycon's awesome four day extravaganza has finally been released so that we can all make plans as to what to attend.

    And boy is there a lot to partake in.

    So get to planning now as time is growing short, check the link below for the entire BronyCon schedule!

    BronyCon Schedule 

    Equestria Daily will be hosting a panel with various members from the site, including myself! So make sure to come join us Sunday at 11:15am if you aren't too tired from partying the night before.

    I'll also be on a Tumblr Pony panel with some other great personalities Saturday at 9pm called Long Live Tumblrpone! Come join us if you can!

    Looking forward to seeing you all there!

    Twitter: Calpain