• "Student Counsel" Episode Followup: We Can Still Have a Party - A Search Party

    Something something StarTrix shipping. That may or may not be the main reason I took on this followup. Who knows, it's a mystery!

    Welcome back to another installment of How Many Bad Puns and Memes Can Cobalt Fit in a Single Blog Post! Join me below the break for a lovers' quirrel and Maud stealing the show with her stoic charm.

    The Great and Thoughtful Trixie! She sure has come a long way from her series premiere. Could you see Trixie doing something like that way back in the early seasons? Not very likely.

    But now it's time to sit down and relax to a nice quiet picni... oh wait, the Glim is needed...

    Okay, she's back. Now we're good to...

    Oh, nope. Just one moment!

    Alright, now she's back for good. Also happy Glims is adorable.

    D'awww. Trixie misses spending time with her best friend. How teeth-rottingly sweet.

    Scratch that second-to-last comment. Someone has tripped the Glim alert system once again!

    Also, these sandwiches do look really darn good. If I could reach through the screen and take one, I would. Even if it meant getting my hand zapped by these two. Maybe if I ask real politely?

    Glimmy is back, yet again, but the Great and Unamused Trixie is very, well, unamused.

    Warning: This episode followup is bound to contain dangerous levels of Glimmerbetes. Proceed with caution.

    I never realized there was such a huge demand for counseling at Twilight's Friendship School. Starlight seems overburdened quite a lot. Perhaps they need to take on another counselor. What happened to the CMC? Weren't they honorary counselors themselves?

    I'm also questioning whether such a large portion of the student body requiring so much counseling speaks to a larger problem in Twilight's School, or even in Equestria as a whole. Listen to me, now I'M beginning to sound like a counselor!

    TFW you're at work and just want to go home.

    Silverstream seems to have some really different types of problems. But she's right. Trying to describe a shower to a creature that has never been out of the water would probably be quite the task.

    This poor guy is utterly and completely breaking my heart right now. He's doing the most heart-wrenching sad whimper here. He needs hugs. I will supply said hugs.

    Love that pretty blue geode on Starlight's desk.

    Jeez, Trixie. You're such a... witch.

    Just like pouty bugs, pouty Trix is also quite adorable. This scene is pretty funny though. Starlight's awkward silent movements really make it.

    "I've seen some things, man. And some stuff. I wouldn't recommend it!"


    I gotta amuse myself somehow when I'm writing these! I now have the strong desire to put googly eyes on every scene in this followup. Googly eyes make everything better.

    Bunch of Glimmerbetes images incoming...

                                                                           ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Okay, I'm done. For now.

    Down, Trixie, down! Don't make me get the rolled up newspaper and spray bottle!

    Scrunch face intermission!

    Sunburst wants them to pickup a pre-equestrian spring solstice chafing dish. You would think anything pre-equestrian would be very old and, well, very rare and difficult to find! But nope. It seems the local antique shop just so happens to have some lying around. What a relief. I guess their ancestors just took REALLY good care of things so they would last a long time.

    I didn't even know what a chafing dish was. I had to look it up! But I knew it instantly when I saw a picture of one. I feel like a dumb now.

    What is it with me and selecting episodes with pouty characters? Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Pouty pones (and changelings) are adorable.

    I actually looked up flowering sticks myself, but I'm still uncertain of what they are. Sticks with flowers on them? The search results were limited.

    *aggressive nose boops*

    It was rather nice to hear Trixie mention she sticks to her promises. This was once a pony who you would be crazy to believe a word from. Now look it her. All respectful and responsible. 

    They grow up so fast. *tear*

    200.0% MAD!

    Rose. <3 Rose is very adorbs, as you will see in just a few moments.

    Jeez, Starlight. About gave poor Rose a heart attack! Though that sound she made was sorta cute at least.

    You know me, I'm a simple bat. I see a funny or cute expression, I screencap! They sure seem to be going all out on the expressions this season too. This is such a far cry from the early seasons of the series in this regard.

    See? What did I tell ya! The pinnacle of pone preciousness.10,000/10, absolutely must snuggle and protecc this pure flower.

    The face of a pony slowly but surely loosing her sanity.

    Instantly felt bad for this poor guy. I used to work at a place that sold those ribbon spools, and they were a pain once they rolled and unraveled across the floor.

    Birb is a n g e r y. :<

    Okay, I just gotta say, I absolutely adore that sly cheeky grin from Smolder in this scene. Too perfect. Pure Smolder.

    This looks like a sorta cool place to work if you dig history. Get it? Dig! Because you can dig up history? We've already established my puns are terrible. You knew what to expect.

    As a lover of history, I've always dreamed of owning an antique shop. Or a pawn shop. Or a antique pawn shop. Hello, I'm Cobalt Comet, and this is my antique pawn shop

    Ocellus is so adorable as a pony. Then again, she's always adorable.

    Also as a dragon.

    And even as a bugbear!

    It seems smol buggo here is having an identify crisis. I actually never considered that before, but it makes pretty good sense for a changeling to have identity issues. They can essentially be whoever and whatever they want. But at the end of the day, you're still a changeling.

    Also, notice how many empty cups of tea have piled up on Starlight's desk. If it were coffee, I could have made a joke about Starlight being caffeinated enough for the entire rest of the season. Oh wait.

    Lose of sanity continues.

    Is it just me, or does Starlight bear a slight resemblance to a pig with her ears folded down like this? Maybe it has something to do with her being such a light shade of purple, nearing pink-ish.

    Uh-oh, Starlight has really dun goof'd. Trixie has already been by Sugarcube Corner, and without Starlight present. You just know a big ol' storm of chaos is on the horizon now.

    This Starlight looks so sad. She needs hugs. I will gib the hugs.

    "And I'm not quite sure how to tell you this, but, your hoof is glowing!"

    Hah, Ms. Cake, you silly. I get a laugh out of the little things like that.

    It's time for a rousing game of Who's That Ponymon?!

    IT'S PIKA-oh, no wait, it's just Trixie.

    Trixie went to Starlight's counselor office, as it was the one place she knew she would find her. Ouch. But it's actually a rather clever way of knowing you'll definitely meet her, given she is automatically notified and summoned anytime anyone walks through the door. She better hope the debt collectors and solicitors don't realize this as well.

    Trixie is two scroll shakes away from sending that bracelet to Tartarus.

    So after finally having had enough and in an attempt to appease and set things right with The Great and Powerful One, Starlight tells Silverstream she will simply have to figure things out for herself until school is back in session. Certainly this won't have any negative repercussions or backfire, right? Right?

    For some reason this scene made me think of Whinny the Pooh. No idea, honestly. Maybe it's the style of mailbox, or just the lighting. Or the fact it's like they are throwing a party at Gopher's place.

    I wonder if it floods when it rains a lot. Or if Maud has an elevator that takes you straight up to the surface. That'd be cool.

    This cake seems legitimately dangerous to consume. You would break a tooth or two, at the very least, as it's not only sharp but also hard as stone. Which I guess is suitable, given this party is for Maud.

    *a n g e r y pone noises*

    Oh boy, this guy again. I will say I'm glad he's here, though. He's the focus of some excellent and very funny lines from Maud in this episode.

    Always in awe of how beautiful Maud's home is. It's like an underground paradise.

    You know me when it comes to funny expressions.

    Starlight would make a top notch water pistol.

    So, what is this guy looking at anyway? He flies in and just begins looking at the ceiling, expecting to see someone up there. I know when I walk into a room or building, I don't typically begin inspecting the ceiling for people. Especially when there's a group of people right there on the ground.

    I know it's an animation dynamic to aimlessly look around until something calls the characters' attention, I'm just being silly.

    "Sorry, this is a private cavern."

    Maud laying down the law. Maud has so many short funny lines in this episode. It's pretty awesome.

    Uh-oh, looks like Silverstream is missing. Just look at how worried Trixie is back there. She's practically beside herself.

    Darnit, Trix. You're the reason she closed her office and kicked Silverstream out in the first place.

    And actually, she did tell you about the project, Glimmy. You just weren't paying attention.

    I wasn't terribly pleased when Terramar tore into Starlight here. He just started going off on her without knowing all the details. Remember that there are always two sides to a story. And why is he stepping closer to her like he's getting ready to tackle her? Dude, she could vaporize you simply by lifting her eyebrow.

    Glad to see Trixie stand up for Starlight. She knows what Starlight did, she did because she was simply overwhelmed. People forget that everyone, including people like teachers and counselors, need time to themselves and need a break.

    Maud giving her sister mad party props.

    Dat Maud brow.

    Seeing Mud Brier's reaction here, I instantly thought this could be one of the most emotive and self-aware moments I can recall from him.

    He has his humorous moments as well, understandably being fairly similar to humorous moments from Maud.

    Starlight, I'm highly doubtful you will find Silverstream in Pinkie's party cannon. 

    "Did you check her room?"

    Haha. Starlight, who's a silly absent-minded pony?

    Terramar thought he was going to be walking (or flying) to his next destination for a moment. But how can you stay mad at an adorable pony like that one?

    Protip: You can't.

    I just enjoy making these, honestly. You probably expected at least one.

    Gameleon mentioned Starlight teleported 42 times in total this episode. Well, there you have it. Starlight truly is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.

    Have we ever even seen Mud Brier smile before? It feels a little weird, like when Wednesday Addams smiled in the film Addams Family Values.

    "We can still have a party. A search party."

    Darnit, Maud. I love you. Like I said, Maud has a fair share of funny comments in this episode. I can only imagine Ingrid Nilson laughing to herself as she read them.

    "I have a lot of experience telling ponies that I have experience with the dangerous creatures of Everfree Forest!"

    Oh my gosh, Trixie. Did you just go there? Yeah, she just went there. Nice callback to the good ol' days.

    If The Great "and Directionally-astute" Trixie says they go left..... I think they should go right.


    Oh boy.... Trixie, I don't think that's how you...

    Just as expected, the Trix is hopelessly without a clue. Though her comment here was sorta funny and true.

    "You complete me."

    Really, these two are adorable.

    Now why'd you have to go and say that, Trixie?

    Technically, you're the last pony who should criticize someone over saying the worst thing at the worst time, Trixie. 

    Just laughing at Sunburst's reaction. Pfft.

    One of those create-your-own-caption screencaps.

    "I didn't think I could love him any more."

    Maud is on point with these funny little comments. But it seems stick pony is now stone pony. Personally, I think he's become more expressive now. It's difficult to tell.

    I just thought that little nervous gallop-in-place Trixie did was cute.

    It's funny how major portions of the wall are missing, yet holding the door shut somehow still keeps the cockatrice's out. These birb's aren't the brightest, me thinks.

    "You got the 'hunk' part right~"

    Maud is still on a roll. Get it? I bet you're glad this followup is nearing it's conclusion.

    This reaction though, haha!

    Aww, Glimmy such a disheartened QT. :<

    Yup, total QT~

    But she just had an epiphany and realized how derp she's been this entire episode, finally remembering the treehouse was a thing and the first place they should have checked. Well, at least you're cute, Glims.

    The inside of the treehouse is actually pretty darn swanky and beautiful! I think I would just live there all the time.

    But at least they seem to have finally found Silverste-

    Oh snap!

    Starlight's about to blast that thing to the nearest KFC menu.

    I didn't catch it the first time, but I like how Sunburst covers Trixie's eyes with his hooves. That was really sweet and considerate.

    D'aww, cute.

    This was an obvious turn of events, of course. This cockatrice is different in pretty much every aspect from the others. Very different design, and she seems vastly more intelligent too. Is Edith some sort of Queen or leader of the cockatrices? Is this the beginning of peace among the two?

    "I can't believe you figured out how to trigger her nesting response!"

    Only a major nerd like Sunburst would even know that's what it is or that it's a thing in the first place.

    Can you imagine if you stumbled on a flock of them? Oh, I think they may have a slight idea...

    It's a good thing Silverstream has befriended one, else Mud Brier would be starting his new long illustrious career in garden statuary.

    Sick burn, Burst boi.


    Oh my gosh. Maud, you're too much for me. This simple one word line was one of my favorite in the episode. Gave me a good laugh.

    Now they get it. Everyone needs a break sometimes. Even important Glimmy's. Trixie... at least mostly gets it. In a way. A very Trixie sort of way.

    "To be honest, you really weren't very helpful with the other stuff anyway!"

    Oooh! You need some ointment for that burn, Starlight?

    Just a cute Trix.

    "You had me at 'Petrified'."

    My reaction exactly, Trixie.

    And there you have it! Another rather fun season 9 episode! I originally didn't think much about this one, but after watching it, I like it. Then again, I'm a sucker for any good Starlight and Trixie moments. But you can guess which character really made much of the episode for me. That's right, it's everyone's favorite rock aficionado, Maud. She had a lot of short funny lines that gave me some good laughs. Her and Mud Brier, like Starlight and Trixie, play well off eachother too. So that's nice to see. I think this episode probably showed Maud and Mud Brier being more expressive than any other time I can recall.

    Not my favorite episode this season, but I enjoyed it. You know what my thoughts are, what about yours? Did you enjoy Maud's silly lines? What about the group dynamic and how characters played off eachother?

    Until next time, pony fans! This is Cobalt Comet, signing off!