• Pony Rock Festival "Neighhem Fest" Following BronyCon!

    On Sunday the 4th of August starting at 6:30PM at Angels Rock Bar in Baltimore, will be held a momentous event for pony music that you don't wanna miss: Neighhem Festival, a series of organized live performances by awesome and active musicians from the community. Check out all those names on the official poster, such a dream lineup..! A dream coming true in more ways than one, it sure is something I'm very excited about. If you plan on going to the last BronyCon, then make sure to come attend Neighhem Festival! As explained beautifully in the promo video embedded below the break, it's just down the street from the convention center, and it's a great chance to party and have a drink with fellow pony musicians and pony music enthusiasts alike, and partake in live rock/metal music until dawn! Props to the organizers and everypony performing! This will make for an unforgettable time I'm sure! Follow Neighhem Fest's Twitter to stay updated, and check out the fine promo video below the break! And I hope to see you at the festival!