• Pony Concept Music: Mane In Green - Rituals And Dances Of The Pegasi (feat. Koron Korak) [Orchestral]

    It's finally here! The YouTube upload that many of us pony fans in the know were waiting for, that of Mane In Green's story-centered contribution to Ponies at Dawn Skyward and featuring the talented Koron Korak at the violin! The composition and progression are just stunning, and it is such a masterpiece! Read the description for such a lovely and heart-warming story involving new imagined Equestrian lore, and cute pony moments brought to you by Mane's wonderful imagination. The description just like the song and video also feel like a big and warm hug from the musician, with so much love conveyed all around, and so much fluffiness! I think the fluff aspect is already a signature side of Mane In Green! As with previous releases, our beloved pony with a green mane also drew the artwork used as cover art himself, it's available on his DeviantArt! Art, music, story... So much pony dedication and feelings brought into creation, it's so amazing to see! Keep it up guys, we all love you!