• Fanfiction: Sunset in the Otherworld

    [Alternate Universe][Romance][Adventure]

    Author: Impossible Numbers

    Description: There is one moon, with two sides. There is one planet, its partner. There is nothing else.
    A runaway and a wizard, Sunset knows about the duality of a cold and careless cosmos. The cruellest of all is the one that separates life and death. Now her life is intertwined with those of a humble farming family. And nowhere is that more evident than with the infuriating, stubborn, lively, and heroic Applejack. 
    Until one fateful time, when life gives way to the other side of the coin 
    Sunset broke the rules once before. She's willing to break them again. Or she'll break her spirit trying. There is no third choice.

    Sunset in the Otherworld

    Additional Tags: Binary Truths, Moonless Realms, and Dangerous Love