• Equestria Girls Special - Sunset's Backstage Pass - Synopsis and Airdate Revealed

    Sunset's Backstage Pass is officially our next big Equestria Girls special. This one is based on the Starswirl Do-Over book we revealed forever ago apparently. Expect to watch it on the 27th of July!

    Get the infos for it below.

    My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Sunset’s Backstage Pass
    World Premiere Saturday, 
    July 27 at 11:30a/10:30c
    Rating Pending

    The Starswirled Music Festival isfinallyhere,and the Mane 7 are going to get their“glamping” on! Sunset and Pinkie are the most excited to see their favorite band perform but when Equestrian Magic causes a “Groundhog Day” inspiredtime loop to start,Sunset gets stuck reliving "Festival Day 1" forever!

    Thanks to Astral Phoenix for sending it.