• EQG Concept Music: Direct Current - Chroma​.​Voltaic​.​Friendship [Alternative Electronic]

    Here are 4 tracks that tell a story imagined by Direct Current, revolving around our EQG girls solving the friendship problem... of an advanced computer AI! Quite unique in our community, that concept is explored with OST-like pieces that do wonders at enacting the story, explained in the description of each of the individual tracks. From the dive into the cyberspace, to the solving of the problem, follow the story along Direct Current's musical endeavors! It's all part of an EP titled "Chroma​.​Voltaic​.​Friendship", you can listen to it either from Bandcamp or from the individual YouTube uploads that each have their story part explained in their description, they're embedded below the break!

    01 - Qubit Gateway

    02 - Harmony Enigma

    03 - TroubleShooting

    04 - City Block Chain