• 40+ More Fanfics to Read for Celestia Day!

    Celestia has had a mountain of fanfics written about her over the years. Primarily because we haven't really gotten to know her much until the last few seasons. She was always a mystery.

    We've got a ton of new ones from Whisper Key again, completely different from last year. Head on down below for the list, sorted by genre.

    Slice of Life

    A Wake of Mist and Flame by heliopause
    Darrilon has proudly served Princess Celestia for many years, and risen to the rank of Captain of the elite squad known as the Solarian Patrol. But every day is a new challenge when your superior officer (and divine ruler) has no respect for protocol or procedure.

    A Bug on a Stick by Orbiting Kettle
    Celestia was a filly living on an isolated farm with her sister and harboring dreams of greatness. Chrysalis was a black goo poured out from a screaming wound in the walls of reality, with a weak grasp on the appropriate amount of fangs one should have. Friendship was inevitable.

    A Candle to the Sun by Moabite
    Twilight Sparkle struggles to find a meaningful gift for Princess Celestia.

    Drip by ambion
    The common cold is, for Celestia, quite rare. Whenever she does catch one it's a time for privacy, reflection, and no shortage of small miseries.
    That said, she's never had Twilight Sparkle on her side before. Maybe, just maybe, this cold won't know what hit it.

    Just a Sunrise by Fervidor
    It is Twilight Sparkle's first night as a princess of Equestria, and she cannot sleep. As the excitement she felt during coronation fades away, it gives way to a deeper anxiety. The young alicorn lies awake, her thoughts dwelling on her new destiny, her responsibilities, her fears, and her own mortality.
    Or, as the case may be, her lack of it.
    As morning draws nearer, Twilight leaves her bed haunted by a question, and so she decides to seek out the one pony who can answer it.

    Princess Celestia? Do You Have a Belly Button? by Foals Errand
    After a discussion in class, Twilight has a very important question to ask her mentor Princess Celestia.

    In The Beginning by Obselescence
    In the beginning, the world was void and without form—and boring as well, since nothing lived on it and there wasn't all that much to do. For a long time the new world lay dark.
    Then Celestia chose to walk it alone, and at last there was light.

    Analemma by Miller Minus
    Once every month, a mare appears on a remote beach, far from her home. She plays, she reads, she sleeps, and she wastes precious, precious time.

    Life Choices by UnlicensedBrony
    Some types of magic carry with them a heavy price. Celestia is faced with the grim task of teaching this to her growing student.

    Can't Choose Your Family by CyborgSamurai
    It's been five thousand years since the Summit of the Gods was last hosted in Equestria, and after dropping off Discord in Ponyville, Celestia returns to Canterlot Castle to meet with the entire Norse Pantheon. Before she can arrive, though, she's stopped by a guard with a strange message, sent on the behalf of a mysterious figure from her past.

    Princess Celestia's Private Library by Shrink Laureate
    Princess Celestia has inspired many writers, artists and poets over her centuries as both ruler and Princess of the Sun. Now she invites one pony to do a special task for her.
    A tale of poetry, pornography, puns, printing presses and pretty pony princesses.

    Rise of the Solar Wind by Impossible Numbers
    Two sisters were once the humblest of ponies. Both had potential for greatness. However, the youngest is the only one who ascends to the throne, and the eldest has to find her own way to follow her.

    Of Suns and Squids by BronyWriter
    As with every living creature, once every year, Princess Celestia has a day that commemorates the anniversary of her birth. Given that she is blessed with many wonderful friends and family members, she receives many gifts on her birthday. Some she likes more than others, while some are rather odd. On this one thousand seven hundred and nineteenth birthday of hers, she receives a large stuffed squid plushie. She is perplexed.

    For Her by Pyre
    How far does a sister's love extend? How far would one go, to bring the other back?


    No Nose Knows by Irrespective
    Baked Bean is but one of the thousands of tourists in Canterlot, and he's looking for some inspiration to help launch his writing career. To this end, he pays a visit to the Royal Gardens, but while there he quickly and quite accidently invokes a long-forgotten law that will completely upend his life and thrust him into the spotlight...
    As Celestia's husband.
    And all this because of noses.

    Celestia of Equestria's tonic experiment by Acologic
    'So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness.'
    'Comradeship consists of rubbing shoulders jocularly with a competitor.'
    A story of madness, coincidence, truth and mundanity, and all of it delightfully bonding.
    Princesses Celestia, Luna and Cadence have long enjoyed subjecting their Tartarus inmates to a variety of gruesome tasks, including tiddlywinks and Monopoly. It's time to up the ante, however, for when a bet is struck between sisters, it simply must follow through. Enter the most extraordinary substance known to ponykind, aptly named, suitably avoided – Granny Fanny's Cold-Fire Brewed Filly-Delphian Tonic Water, with the Kick of Two Very Angry Mules.

    Princess Celestia Goes to Costco by Grand_Moff_Pony
    Celestia nearly flooded your apartment, and now she's informed you that she'll be staying on Earth for at least a few more months. Facing mounting costs for soda, you go to Costco to buy Fanta in bulk.
    Naturally, Celestia insists on coming along.

    A Hell of a Time by Aragon
    The princesses gave their magic to Twilight to prevent Tirek from stealing it. As a result, they end up stuck in Tartarus.
    Marvelous place, Tartarus. Really brings ponies together. The fact that things manage to go downhill here says a lot about the wonders of family and alicornhood.

    Arachnophobia by Dennis the Menace
    Spiders. Oh, how I hate spiders. And yet Luna insists on keeping one as a...pet.

    Moonlight Palaver by Carabas
    Upon Nightmare Moon's return, the leaders of other nations gather to discuss the situation.
    They're not especially happy about it.

    The Worst Equestrian Necromancer by Nobodyslament
    Ragar the Ageless has seen many things in his non-life. He has seen fields of cotton candy, the wails of the soon-to-be-dead chanting in chorus. Once he even saw a unicorn. Well, there are a lot of those in Equestria, so maybe that one was less noteworthy. But still, he's seen a lot. Now he wants others to see him in all his glorious evil. The only issue is he's not so good at it.

    Making an Old Lady Cry (and other hazards of espionage) by Nyronus
    I had a pretty good life. They called me Spit Shine, I worked in the palace, cleaning this, doing that. Hell, I even got to talk to the Princess, and learned all sorts of interesting stuff. It was stimulating, prestigious, and hey, call me weird, but I liked the work.
    Shame I was also secretly a changeling infiltrator with a name too annoying to pronounce in polite society trying to observe and potentially subvert your nation state.
    I mean, these things happen.
    Of course, you'd be surprised what you can learn about a pony when you have a different perspective.

    Certain Advantages by The Descendant
    It's Sisterhooves Social time again. This year, Dash catches wind of two new competitors and gets Spike to bet on the race. When her team is revealed to be a rather famous set of siblings, it looks like poor Spike will be her slave for a week! However, due to a team of masseurs, a minor invasion, unfortunate addictions, and dubious barrel components, victory might not be as near as she thinks...

    A Mug of Hard Cider by Pen Stroke
    Applejack receives an order from Princess Celestia, for a batch of cider prepared with a very special recipe that involves honey, yeast, and time. She's even invited to taste the special cider when it's ready. But, when Rainbow Dash finds out about the special tasting, the three mares soon have a little too much to drink. What shenanigans will unfold and how will Twilight keep a lid on things this time?

    "Princest Is Wincest," It Said by cleverpun
    The graffiti did not bother her. The art of vandalism was, in some form or another, as old as civilization itself. The content, on the other hoof, was an entirely different issue. “Princest Is Wincest,” it said. Bad grammar and spelling were one thing, but this was an attack on the Equestrian language.
    Luna frowned. She would have to ask Celestia about this at the first opportunity. Perhaps there were spare funds for a literacy program. If nothing else, Tia might be able to explain what exactly the phrase meant.

    Celestia's Secret Secret Room by naturalbornderpy
    After accidentally learning that each Princess has their very own secret rooms to retreat inside whenever they wish, Twilight Sparkle makes it her mission to uncover just what could be inside Princess Celestia's.
    Perhaps Twilight should have knocked first.

    A Joke Too Far by Carapace
    Cadance didn't know what to expect when her formerly banished Aunt Luna returned from her thousand year banishment. But, she's quite entertained by the hilarity. Especially if it means a chance to play a little joke.

    The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Date Twilight Sparkle by Codex Ex Equus
    Princess Celestia has been in love with Twilight Sparkle for years. The rescue of her sister had been the start, but since then Twilight has saved Celestia, Luna, and their kingdom countless times. However, Celestia's true feelings have remained hidden, even from herself.
    That is, until the day her love is revealed to her through a dream. But Celestia is determined to keep her feelings to herself. She has no idea how Twilight will react, and would prefer things remain they way they are, with the two Princesses as friends.
    Unfortunately, Luna immediately finds out. A small group of ponies is quickly gathered, all with one goal: to force Celestia to confess her feelings and end her thousand-year relationship drought.
    This causes so much chaos that Discord goes on vacation and will not be appearing in this story.

    Fun in the Summit by FrontSevens
    Trade negotiations. Board meetings. Formal garden parties. Not the definition of a fun weekend for Princess Celestia at all.
    However, Celestia has a plan. Rarity’s going to join her this year, and by their gossiping powers combined, they may be able to turn this upcoming convention into something a little more unconventional.

    Tyrant Celestia's Trip to the Moon by naturalbornderpy
    One fateful morning, Princess Luna finds Celestia has turned into a megalomaniacal tyrant with one clear goal in mind: to be sent to the moon. She even has her bags packed and everything.
    So what about this seems off?

    The Most Successful Assassination of Princess Celestia by Foals Errand
    It was a bright sunny day when Princess Celestia was taken from us by three very familiar fillies... Or was she?

    The Sunbutt Also Rises by Noir de Plume
    Noticing her Princess' plight, the kitchen mare helpfully offers some of Luna's "special brew" to jumpstart Celestia's day. Chaos ensues when an overly percolated princess can't handle her caffeine!

    Anything But The Gala by Ponibius
    Princess Celestia has hosted the Grand Galloping Gala for hundreds of years, the grandest party in all of Equestria and said to be without peer—and has hated every year of it. Now that her sister has returned to her, she hopes to share this painful royal duty. Shame for her that Princess Luna wants nothing to do with the Gala, or any of the other princesses for that matter. Luna is going to have to use all her wits and skills to stay one step ahead of her sister and be anywhere but the Gala.

    The Bestest Thing in the World by Minds Eye
    Princess Luna has raised the moon countless times in her life, but tonight was the first time she received a gift and an invitation to Celestia's chambers after doing so. While she accepts, she can't understand why the offer was made. There was nothing special about the day. But she's wrong. Today was the day the newest letter from Ponyville arrived.

    Distorted Perspective by An Unimpressive
    An unfortunate event gives Princess Celestia a fresh view on her life by forcing her to see the world from a very different viewpoint. With Equestria changing around her, she is faced with a personal crisis... if she can ignore how cute a certain lavender unicorn suddenly looks to her.


    Souvenir by TinCan
    In the midst of Equestria's most recent age of peace, just after Princess Celestia puts the finishing touches on her latest gift to her subjects, Twilight Sparkle appears with a strange question about an obscure beast. It's obvious that something else is bothering Celestia's most faithful student, but what?

    And The Serpent Said Unto The Princess by Undome Tinwe
    In the beginning, there was Harmony. Then Discord stole Fire from the Alicorns.

    Beast in the Book by TheBandBrony
    What would you do to save your country?
    A young princess Celestia must grapple with the fate of her nation and her own mind as a cursed scroll delivers warnings of apocalyptic proportions. As the scroll's true intentions are revealed, it falls to faithful court transcriber Silver Quill and ghoulish archmage Silver Spell to stop it before it consumes their princess and casts their world into darkness.

    Pancakes by Petrichord
    For the past few weeks, Princess Celestia has been quite used to Daybreaker tempting her in her dreams. Unfortunately for Daybreaker, Celestia doesn't have much use for even greater power or the terrified fealty of others, and even threatening Celestia doesn't seem to perturb the princess in the slightest.
    But Celestia wasn't prepared for a dream about making conversation over pancakes with Daybreaker. And she certainly wasn't expecting the loud-mouthed and melodramatic alicorn to be horrifyingly effective at crushing her will with breakfast and cold, twisted logic.

    The Light Goes Out by AbsoluteAnonymous
    There comes a time when the light must go out; but how do you know if you've burned brightly enough?

    Eternal Lament by chief maximus
    I can't remember how long I've been alive. I can't remember my birthday. I don't even know my own name. I'd like to think I had a family... but I'm not sure. All these things are meant to be important to me, things I was never supposed to forget, and yet, I have. I have taken shelter in an old castle, in a forgotten city. I do not know why I'm writing this. I suppose just to keep myself sane, but perhaps keeping a record of my activities will help me piece together what happened to the world.

    Forever Faithful by Konseiga
    In a freak accident from the Cloudsdale weather control team, Twilight is struck down by an errant lightning bolt. But the veil of death is relatively thin...

    Never by shortskirtsandexplosions
    “My daughter Celestia, look at me. I love you, and I wish the best for you in the eons of labor you have yet to endure. So heed my words. When we planted light upon the fields of Creation, Celestia, it was a divine thing. But there will come a time when our brilliance won't be enough. It will take a great, unknowable darkness to test the luminescence that we have bequeathed life. That is an abyss that we can never, ever follow our children down, no matter how much we love them.”

    Old Friends by RBDash47
    She noticed the pony for the first time when she was young, not long after she'd received her cutie mark. He became her oldest friend.

    Starscape by Carabas
    Celestia paints with starlight.

    A Heart of Stone by BorgiaBrony
    One summer morning, young Princess Celestia meets a draconequus named Discord. Their lives are forever intertwined and they live out the centuries in various states of friendship and animosity.

    Autophobia by Ice Star
    After Luna's banishment, a guilt filled Celestia searches for answers. Trying to gain a new understanding of what caused her sister's misery, she visits the valley that once housed Starswirl the Bearded as well as Luna and herself many years ago. It is here that she believed everything started.
    She finds so much more than she asked for.

    Dusk Falls by NorrisThePony
    Things aren't going well between Celestia and Luna. As tensions grow between them, it is quite clear that they simply aren't the same ponies they once were. Instead of risking the loss of each other's companionship, both agree that perhaps some distance would help them recover a little. Besides, Celestia could use the vacation anyways.
    But the beach town of Dusk Falls is hardly the peaceful and quiet abode Celestia had been expecting. Amongst the boardwalks and carousels a sinister plot is unfolding, as trouble rises both in the heart of Equestria and in Celestia's new home.

    White Out by the dobermans
    Winter break is over, and the rolls of Celestia's private schools are being inked once again. The Princess makes a trip to Ponyville to ensure that Featherweight returns to Canterlot to obtain the education she believes he deserves.

    Heavenly Turmoil by TheManWithTwoNames
    Princess Celestia struggles to distinguish reality from illusion as Discord begins to seep into her brain. But... isn't Discord still imprisoned in stone?


    Ageless, or Celestia Plays Dice with the Universe by Cynewulf
    Being an alicorn is wonderful... except when it isn't. There are plenty of things that put a damper on limitless vistas of possibility afforded by such a long life: Court, mortal needs and expectations, the occasional decade of ennui.
    And the dreams, of course. Agelessness comes with its own special kind of dreaming. Celestia finds that her own "Inner Court" is a bit too literal, and it--and she--are troubled at the prospect of a near-immortal Twilight Sparkle.
    If only she could articulate exactly why that was.

    A Warm Summer's Evening by TAW
    Because sometimes, just because you're immortal doesn't make you invulnerable. Sometimes, the one you're more proud of than anything else is the one that respects you the most, and sometimes respect goes deeper than either of you had ever realised.

    Sunset Looms by TheGreyPotter
    Over the course of a thousand years of monotonous rule, Celestia no longer understands how to connect to ponies, and doesn't bother. But when Twilight Sparkle makes her bombastic appearance, the Princess cannot help be interested.

    One Night A Year by Sapidus3
    One night a year, on the Eve of the Summer Sun Celebration, Princess Celestia is sad, at least according to Twilight's observations. She has a plan, a boardgame, and is determined to try to cheer up her mentor.

    When The Snow Melts by Bluespectre
    The bamboo forest, a quiet haven for Rush the reed worker. His quiet life of self imposed isolation comes to an end one night when he goes to investigate unusual noises near his home. There, half covered in the first snow fall of the winter, he finds the still form of one who will change his life forever.

    Forever and Again and Again by Titanium Dragon
    When Twilight visits Celestia's private hall of stained-glass windows, each bearing the image of a long-gone friend, one in particular catches her eye. Who was this pony? Why was she so important to Celestia? And why does she look so familiar?

    The Princess and the Pupil by Alexstrazsa
    Twilight receives an urgent message from the Princess to meet her, but it comes with something she didn't expect... a bouquet of flowers. With nothing but the words "It's very important!", Twilight sets off for Canterlot.

    Love and Hatred by Legacy55
    Discord waits alone and forgotten in the Canterlot gardens, brooding over his hatred for the princess and wondering who truly was the monster between them. But an unlikely visit one night changes him and his feelings for Celestia...


    The Stars Ascendant by Titanium Dragon
    After the defeat of Tirek, Equestria is safe once more, but Luna can sense that her sister is troubled. When Celestia retreats to the starry realm of ascension in order to look upon the past, Luna joins her to discover what is bothering her.

    A Word With You, My Friend? by DannyJ
    The minotaur business tycoon, Well-To-Do, is likely dead, his dastardly schemes to build an amusement park in an inconvenient location foiled. All is well for the deerfolk of Thicket again. As the plants recede and the ponies go home happy, Celestia hangs back a while. She and her old friend, King Aspen, still have some matters to discuss.
    An epilogue to the IDW comics arc, Revenge of Everfree.

    Fire Burns Both Ways by Impossible Numbers
    After being freed from Starlight's control, Double Diamond and Sugar Belle struggle to shake off her influence. Then they start to wonder: are there other villages in the desert – and other ponies – who need their help too?

    To Bring Light to Eternal Darkness by scifipony
    In the days before Equestria was even a dream and mares are second-class citizens, a pony with a solar cutie mark, Sunny Daze, decides to help her brother become a mage. She doesn't realize that she and the sun have an appointment with destiny.

    Lord of the Dragons by Titanium Dragon
    Before the Gauntlet of Fire, Celestia, Luna, and Dragon Lord Torch meet to discuss the future of their kingdoms – and how to ensure that the next Dragon Lord is exactly who they want it to be.
    After all, if Princess Ember is to win, something has to be done about all those adult dragons seen in the dragon migration...

    For the Good of Equestria by brokenimage321
    In the wake of a great tragedy, Celestia opens up, and, for the first time, tells her own story. For the first time, she tells what happened with Discord and King Sombra. And, for the first time, she tells what it's like to have to give up everything she's ever had, everything she's ever wanted, everything she's ever dreamed of--all of it, for the good of Equestria.


    Ἐλπίς by Bad Horse
    Below her, the remains of the world, and everyone in it, spin slowly, around and around, in a sea of purple goo. But that doesn't mean Celestia's work is done. The Road lies ahead of her, and at its end—the most difficult decision of her life. Again.
    How long can one pony keep hope alive?

    It will all be over soon, Princess by Luna-tic Scientist
    First contact. Not just with a new world, but with a world in a whole new universe. Initial negotiations go well, so Princess Celestia makes a visit to this 'Earth' to cement peaceful relations. Unfortunately, even when you are as experienced as the goddess of the sun, it's the little things that can trip you up.

    Songbird by PaulAsaran
    At long last, Equestria has returned to a state of peace. Celestia can focus on the simple task of ruling her little ponies and bringing about Harmony.
    Or she would, if she didn't feel that something was wrong. Wrong with her? Wrong with Equestria? She can't tell, and that only makes it worse. Perhaps her friends are right. Perhaps she's become so used to conflict she doesn't know how to relax.
    That's what the voice tells her, anyway.

    A Tale of the Sun, Moon and Stars by DalTRS
    Three divine sisters, The Sun, Moon, and Stars, have reigned over the heavens and earth since time immemorial. This is a tale of their greatest hardships and triumphs as challenges unforeseen seek to ruin the world they have created for their beloved ponies.

    The Cycle of Flame by Novel-Idea
    The Cycle of Flame defines every phoenix’s life, even those who refuse to fly the path ordinated by the Cloudsong. One such mischievous phoenix has found a home on the edge of the dangerous Dragon Lands. But after an old friend beckons her home, this phoenix meets a creature of myth and legend who gives her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
    The phoenixes know her as Glorious Dawn.
    But the ponies of Equestria know her by a different name...