• 30 of the Best Chrysalis Songs in the Fandom

    Chrysalis has had a pretty huge presence in music as well for obvious reasons. She was part of one of the most remixed songs in the fandom.

    We've got a bunch of  tunes themed after her below!

    [1] Source

    Blaze, TuXe, Ozzwald - The Changeling (Twitch Remix) by AVINOID

    [2] Source

    Mother Changeling (feat. Amelia Bedelia and other changelings) by Sand Josieph

    [3] Source

    Omnipony - My Little Changeling by OMNI

    [4] Source

    Bronyfied - No One Leaves the Hive by Bronyfied

    [5] Source

    PrimEvil -Queen Chrysalis by LaRaikaa

    [6] Source

    MandoPony - I Live Forever by Brony Fan Music Archive

    [7] Source

    SayMaxWell ft. FritzyBeat & ForeverFreest - Part of the Swarm [Original Track] by SayMaxWell

    [8] Source

    PrinceWhateverer - Fight This War (Ft. DivinumX) [REINVENT] by PrinceWhateverer

    [9] Source

    Flutter Rex - Queen of the Changelings by FlutterRex

    [10] Source

    StrachAttack - Shapeshifter by StrachAttack

    [11] Source

    Sim Gretina - Changeling Queen by Sim Gretina

    [12] Source

    Feed Me with Your Heart by ponyphonic

    [13] Source

    Alone in the Dark - Jeff Burgess ft. Lady Aria by Archive Anon

    [14] Source

    Jyc Row - Chrysalis' Revenge (feat. IbeConCept) [GalaCon VIP] by Jyc Row

    [15] Source

    【Music】Bang Out (Vylet Pony x Silva Hound) by Vylet Pony

    [16] Source

    06 Changeling Anthem - Pony Empires Complete by Carbon Maestro

    [17] Source

    Frozen Night - Chrysalis Metamorphosis by Frozen Night

    [18] Source

    Radiarc - Countdown to Darkness by Radiarc

    [19] Source

    Sky Runner | Antagonist by Sky Runner

    [20] Source

    The Changeling Cometh by DrDissonance1

    [21] Source

    Suskii - Mischievous Deed [Electro] by Ponies At Dawn

    [22] Source

    Artattack and Metajoker - Return (Video by MyLittleVisuals) (Original Song) by Metajoker

    [23] Source

    [Drumstep] DJT & R3ctifier - Prey (Feat. PegasYs) by Dijit / DJT

    [24] Source

    CHRISSY (Original by Forest Rain) by Forest Rain Media

    [25] Source

    Love as a Life Source (Progressive Metal) by dropkickproductiontx

    [26] Source

    Ponysphere - Rise and fall of the changeling queen by Ponysphere

    [27] Source

    (Epic Orchestral) Royal Swarm by Zephysonas

    [28] Source

    Foozogz & Sights Unseen - Out Of The Forest [[email protected]] by Foozogz

    [29] Source

    Royalpony- Princess, no... But a Queen! (FT. RIBONCHAN) by royalpony5300

    [30] Source

    Tripon - Chrysalis by Lenny Tribe