• YONA Music: TCB - Part Of Your Day [Future House]

    Yeah I know this might not be a "full" song but screw that, I'm giving this a solo post because TCB feels it ("Yona a real one"). We need more spontaneous pony tributes like this, that despite being short and not taking as much time to make as other songs, are token of feelings and passion toward ponies/MLP characters, and of the magic that makes us united. Going through tough times, TCB decided to let Yona help, and ascended to a place where IRL worries are eased, a place where only the powerful things that you feel for these characters and what they teach you matter. We can definitely feel that love and passion in this track, sampling Fit Right In vocals from the recent episode She's All Yak, along a comfy and emotional atmosphere signed TCB, with bird sounds at the end as the icing on the cake. Way to go TCB, keep it up!! We all love you!