• TrotCon 2019 Welcomes Yona! AKA Katrina Salisbury

    The voice actress behind Yona the Yak has officially signed on for trotcon. If you want to meet her, head on down below for the details!

    Introducing Katrina Salisbury!!!

    Ms. Salisbury is a fairly prolific voice actor for being so young. She’s been in multiple animations including Kiznaiver, Tooth and Tail, and Tobot! However, we here in Ponyland, U.S.A. know this young Canadian actress as Yona the Yak! She’s not just a terror on the mic for voice acting, either. This intrepid young star also tears up the mic on Overwatch in her spare time, albeit probably with a different vocabulary than she has in My Little Pony. *Ahem* Anyway, come on out and join the crowd so you can truly experience for yourself that Yona is best! 
    And lastly we would like to do one last badge sale in honor of our final guest of honor for 2019! Use the code yaksmash to get 20% off Regular-Alicorn tier badges until June 2nd! To apply the code to your order select your badges on page 1 of registration, then go to page 2, at the bottom of page 2 there will be a spot to apply the code.

    Register here! – https://events.eventzilla.net/e/trotcon-2019-2138953671