• "She's All Yak" Episode Followup

    Note: As people have pointed out, yes this was a rushed followup. I didn't know I was doing it until yesterday, and already had mothers day stuff planned. Feel free to fill in missing points in the comments!

    My episode followup contract technically claims all Trixie, bat pony, and pizza related episodes so I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to the student 6. Fortunately Yona is pretty cool, so when I discovered yesterday that I'd suddenly need to do this one, I was cool with it.

    The show staffers can finally add some main-character romance without shipping off the mane 6 and causing fandom fires, and they are going all out with it. Can you imagine if this was an episode about Discord tasking Fluttershy out to the gala? There wouldn't be enough popcorn in the universe to satisfy the amount of time I'd spend watching the world burn at that event.

    Anyway, get your lovey-dovey yak on pony below.

    Have a Twilight Sparkle.I have nothing to say other than her hoof is kinda freaky.

    Is this how she secretly sees ponies? Or is it her ideal pony form? With so many intelligent races added to our pone cartoon over the years, I wonder where all of those subliminal lizard brains cope with attraction outside the norm? 

    That moment when my head-canon GallusXSilverstream got wrecked.

    There were never any hints about it before this episode. No longing gazes in the background. No real chemistry hinting at things to come. Dude apparently just likes 'em thicc and was keeping it all bottled up. 


    Because someone over at the animation team decided to explore a new angle this season

    What do you all think? Does this perspective make her look good?


    Remember when walking around like a human was a fandom trope for Lyra that creeped the hell out of Bonbon?

    Anyway,  that's enough Rarity.

    "Choose what you want to be, and be it" are the lyrics for this part. Does this mean Yona lays awake at night wanting to be a pony? Thinking of all the things she'd do in the equine world if she had been born a dainty cartoon mare instead of a Yak?

    This whole song kinda has a pony superiority vibe going.

    She does make a really cute pone though~

    They keep telling Rarity to stop using that radioactive shampoo she bought on e-neigh that is supposed to make you look 10 years younger, but "self sacrifice for fabulosity" is more important or something.

    Aloe and Lotus had to clean it all out afterward.

    Remember when they used to release those official posters each season? I wonder why they stopped that practice. Seems like this scene could be re-purposed for one.

    I mean, they still have all the vectors.

    Mandatory Flutterbetes.

    Mandatory cupcakes reference.

    Mandatory whatever this is.

    Mandatory rabbit that is still somehow alive even though rabbits are only supposed to live 1-2 years. Or maybe all Equestrian rabbits are dickbags and Fluttershy just keeps replacing him every 2 seasons.

    Background Pony Showcase

    One of my favorite parts of the show over the years has always been the background ponies.

    With their wild designs and color schemes. We used to see them primarily clone Rainbow Dash over and over with recolored mane and tail, but these days we get so many awesome ones.

    Aside from those rogue Pinkie clones that keep randomly popping up. These two also have the same butt symbol. What does it mean when symbols match?

    I'll never get tired of searching for them. You all should definitely get around to giving them backstories though.  Fandom's slackin' off I say.

    Is Rarity slowly losing her mind under the pressure of running classes at the school, being a hero of ponyland, running 3 businesses, and whatever other pile of things she is currently multitasking at any given point?

    Now someone get Deadmau5 to tweet it so we have something to post later.

    She's my favorite of the student 6. This episode puts her right above a competitive tie with Silver Stream. How could anyone hate that face? She's like a puppy with horns.

    And now she's hooked up too~

    And that's another episode of pony under out belts. Overall, I enjoyed it. I'm going to enjoy the endless screencaps of Rarity's faces a lot more though I bet~